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Post Graduation Plans

Chapter 7

demographics, cultural trends, and new technologies are rapidly changing the job market.

people are living much longer than we used to. new technologies and automation are rapidly replacing repetitive jobs. new communication tools are eliminating formerly popular media for disseminating information (good-bye printed newspapers).


11 essential skills for the jobs of the near future:

1) sense-making: clear understanding of processes, procedures and policies

2) social intelligence: the ability to connect to others successfully

3) novel and adaptive thinking: creative problem solving

4) cross cultural competency

5) computational thinking: the ability to move from data and numbers to abstract concepts

6) new media literacy

7) transdisciplinary: the ability to understands concepts from different disciplines

8) design mindset: the ability to develop tasks and processes for desired outcomes

9) cognitive load management: the ability to discriminate and filter information for importance

10) virtual collaboration: the ability to work productively, drive engagement and be an effective part of a virtual team

11) competency in social media, IT networking, graphic design and computer programming


Career Center:

The University Career Center promotes each student's success by providing:

- career development

- career exploration 

- job search opportunities


Opportunities include: 

- career assessments 

- resume and cover letter critiques

- mock interviews 

- personal statement critiques

- faculty document critiques

- salary negotiation assistance

- interview room reservation

- career events

- career exploration videos 

Call (806)742-2210 to set up an appointment

Career Center Website


Other Resources:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career One Stop

O-Net Online

Blizzard Careers

USA Jobs

Google Jobs


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