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Chapter 4

The Degree Plan of any Major Consists of the Following Types of Required Courses:

1- Core Curriculum Requirement

The core curriculum is designed to expose all Texas Tech University graduates to areas of study that are traditionally regarded as basic to the intellectual development of a broadly educated person. These areas of study include:

-written communication (6 hours)

-oral communication (3 hours)

-mathematics (6 hours)

-life and physical sciences (8 hours)

-language, philosophy, and culture (3 hours)

-creative arts (3 hours)

-social and behavioral sciences (3 hours)

-American history (6 hours)

-political science/government (6 hours)

-multicultural requirements (3 hours)

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TTU core curriculum complies with Texas statutes and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board rules.  

** Students should refer to college and department degree requirements and recommendations when choosing core curriculum courses. Generally, completing the core curriculum should happen during the sophomore year.

2) Major-Specific Courses

these are the specialized courses that will qualify the student to graduate with a degree in their chosen major, and they can be divided into:

-courses that are shared among several majors from a certain college

-more concentrated courses specifically required for that major


-additional core requirements

What Courses Are Going to Count Towards the Explored Majors?

TTUA advisors will aid the exploring student in finding courses that apply to all the explored majors.

The success of this strategy depends on the number of courses the exploring student has already completed and the majors that the student exploring.

However, what makes such a plan possible is:

a) there are courses that are required for all majors on campus

b)there are majors that require similar courses

c) there are courses that are required for a certain major but will count as an elective for another.

The goal is to aid students in finding coursework that won't be lost or fall through no matter what option they decide on in the end.

Exploring students have two valuable online tools that can aid them in the process of choosing the right courses:

Degreeworks and the Course Catalog


DegreeWorks is a degree auditing program that allows the student and the advisor to see:

-how previous credits fit within a certain degree plan 

- what courses are still needed before graduation

- what courses might fall through the degree plan of concern


 whereas, TTU catalog contains:

- a description of the explored major

-a description of the required coursework

-a recommended 4-year degree plan for it

 It is recommended that students check with their advisor when choosing courses to make sure all pre-requisites are met and that the student has access to those courses.



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