Texas Tech University

Prepare for the Fair

GrowthGet the most from the event.

The Majors & Minors Fair is a good place to start if you are undecided about a major, unsure about the major you are in, or if you are looking to add a second major or minor. The M&M Fair provides the opportunity to discover majors you haven't considered before and to compare and contrast several majors.

SciencePre-Fair Thoughts

Deciding on a major is a big step in the life of every college student. It is important to know yourself well as you explore the possibilities available to you. Be sure to consider your interests, abilities, experiences, and values and how they relate to college majors and potential careers.

  • Create a list of interests and career opportunities
  • Learn more about yourself and your possible academic and career interests
  • Look through the list of all Undergraduate Fields of Study offered at Texas Tech. There are more than 300!
  • Check out which programs will be at the Majors & Minors Fair
  • Think about questions you want to ask current students and faculty from the different colleges, majors, and departments
  • Mark off enough time on your personal planner to attend the Majors & Minors Fair.

ArtAt the Fair

While at the fair, have an open mind. You may have specific majors or minors you want to explore, but take advantage of the opportunity to chat with other programs who aren't busy. You might discover something new!

ReadingSuggested Questions to Ask

Academic Facts

  • Are there any specializations or areas of emphasis within your degrees?
  • Can I add a minor easily?

Getting In

  • Are there any requirements to declare this degree?
  • What does it take to qualify?
  • Résumé Builders
  • Does this major participate in Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad, or Service Learning?
  • What kinds of internships are available?

Getting a Job

  • What is the job market like for students who graduate with this degree?
  • What kinds of jobs have recent graduates gotten?

Graduate School

  • What kind of graduate program can I go into with this degree?
  • What are the requirements for acceptance into those programs?

WritingFollow-up after the Fair

  • Continue to learn more about the majors, minors, and secondary majors by making an appointment to talk to an academic advisor. For some majors, you will work with an advisor to identify the actions you need to take to finalize your decision and follow up before advanced registration begins.
  • Contact the University Career Center to learn more about how your interests, abilities, and values connect to your decision about a major or career.
  • Contact the University Career Center to learn more about how part-time jobs, internships, and experiential learning opportunities can help you solidify your long term career goals.