Texas Tech University

Sandra Castillo

Student Success Specialist

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Sandra Castillo, Success Specialist

Helping others has always been a passion of mine. I am excited to be in this Student Success Specialist position where I get to help students. In this position, I look forward to building relationships with students and connecting them to resources as well as providing support throughout their journey here at Texas Tech. 
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Spanish from Texas Tech and also got my master's in Higher Education from TTU. I was a graduate assistant for Transition & Engagement for a year and a half, then worked as a coordinator at the TTU Learning Center for three years. I enjoy getting to know students and helping them be successful during their time at Tech. 
Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. I enjoy reading, sewing projects, and game nights. Clue is one of my favorite boardgames.  



Years in Higher Ed


Years at TTU

Graduation Cap

Psychology & Spanish (B.A.)

Graduation Cap

Higher Education (M.Ed.)

Ask me about:

My advice to my 18-year-old-self.

Ask all the questions! There is a good chance someone else may have the same one, plus you'll save a lot of time. 

The coolest Texas Tech resource that most people don't know about.

There were a couple times my car battery died on campus, as well as getting a flat tire. I was able to utilize the Motorist Assistance Program through the Transportation and Parking Services. I had received a sticker from their department during my orientation and my parents had me stick it on my windshield. 

What I would be doing if I weren't so good at my job.

I would be a chef. When I cook I follow a recipe down to the smallest detail and most of the times things don't turn out how they should. I would love to throw things together and make delicious meals by accident (or on purpose). It would save time and stress on my end.  

What I was pretty sure I would be when I grew up.

A dolphin trainer. 

My Academic Journey

I changed my major 3 times during my undergrad. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue but as I got into some of my major courses, I quickly knew that the major I was in wasn't what I wanted to continue. 

My Background

First Gen Student

Was a first gen college student.


Worked in College

Worked while in college.


Rural Area

Grew up in a rural area.



Am bilingual.



Falling Asleep
Listening to Others
Going to Bed at a Decent Hour