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Sarah Damron

Program Manager

"Do it all if you can, and when possible, help someone else do it too."

Sarah Damron, Program Manager

I am the Program Manager for Student Development and Leadership. I get to work with our Peer Mentor student staff in several areas. I work specifically in the Tech Leadership Institute, a semesterly 8-week program for first-year and transfer students working to develop their leadership and professional skills. I also manage the various programs of Transfer Connection, a network of programs intended to make a defined and engaging space for transfer students who come to Texas Tech with myriad experiences from previous institutions who have now committed to being Red Raiders! I also work closely with programs in Student Development and Engagement that use our Peer Mentors in classes such as Raider Ready, Texas Success Initiative, and Programs for Student Achievement, as well as students who serve as Peer Coaches in the University Coaching programming.

I have worked in many fields such as all-level secondary education, sales, trainingstudent travel and consulting, academic leadership, ministry, international missions, music, photography, and curricular development. At Texas Tech, I have been honored to work with Supplemental Instruction and University Coaching as a certified Academic Life Coach. My vocational and recreational experiences have always centered around the growth and development of people, particularly students, who value the opportunity to grow, learn, and discover more of who they are to serve others.

When I'm not working, I love to be with my husband Robert, and our kids, hanging out - usually outside - watching them be together. If there is a fire in the winter or a hammock in the summer, that is the epitome of my kind of relaxation.

Ask me about:

The most inspiring part of my job.

Our students! I get a lot of opportunities to know them and what they are passionate about. I am always blown away by their unique perspective, their empathic approach, and their genuine desire to be incredible leaders. I am humbled by them every day.

What advice I would give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars.

I would tell them to buy a comfortable pair of shoes and bring their personality. Hard work and individualism are so valued on our team. We love to have fun and we genuinely care about the students first. A good brainstorming session is often somewhere on the calendar, so creative ideas are championed on our team. An interview with us is usually a great time, full of innovative planning and relationship building.

If I weren't so dang good at my job, I'd probably be an...

Organizational guru! I'd come into your home, throw away all the stuff you don't need, and build you a beautiful wall unit to keep your things simultaneously organized and beautiful.

The best piece of advice I've ever been given is...

Things you love can just as easily be your avocation as they can be your vocation. Don't assume you've missed out on something just because you do it for fun rather than making it your career.




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