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Amber Hemphill

Student Success Specialist

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Amber Hemphill, Success Specialist

As a Student Success Specialist, I am here to support students during one of the most exciting and challenging chapters of their lives. Whether I am connecting students with resources and organizations, or providing hope, encouragement, and positivity, every individual need is important. With that being said, I would love the opportunity to join the student's support system on campus by providing guidance and advocation. Navigating these waters may feel scary, but I am here to help show students just how rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting Texas Tech University is!
I completed my bachelor's degree in Human Sciences at Texas Tech University in 2017, and started working in social work immediately following graduation. Prior to starting with Texas Tech University, I was employed at the Lubbock County Detention Center as a case worker. My primary role was to provide individuals with any and all resources that would meet immediate or potential needs. I am well-versed in resources available to students on-campus and in the Lubbock community. I have personally experienced how getting plugged in with the right resources can greatly enhance the student expereince. It truly is an honor to help get student's reach their full potential by supporting their goals and meeting their needs.
When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family (especially my twin sister), being outdoors, riding my motorcycle, and photography. I am adventurous and spontaneous, so I am always willing to try something new!



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My favorite thing about Lubbock.

Lubbock has events all the time! The First Friday Art Trail is one of my favorite events to go to. Local artists from around the community sell, display, or perform their art across many galleries and shops! My second favorite event is the Midnight Cravings Food Truck Event where many food trucks, live music, and vendors gather starting at 9pm. There is always something to do in Lubbock even if it seems silly to google it!

My biggest facepalm moment.

During my sophomore year at Texas Tech, I wanted to grab a coffee before class, but it was going to make me a little late. In an effort to try to make it to class on time, I rented a lime scooter. I quickly learned that lime scooters are much easier to ride with both hands and not just one while the other is holding an iced coffee. I had a slow-motion fall off the scooter in the grass behind the band practice lot. The only thing hurt was my pride. I still made it to class on time, just without a coffee.

My favorite Texas Tech memory.

My favorite memories as a student all involve the personal friendships and professional connections I made. I am still friends with most of the people I met in college even several years after graduation. Once you move into your major-specific courses, you will start to see the same people in multiple classes or semester-to-semester. The late nights studying at the library with friends and hurrying to the SUB to grab a snack before it closed are memories I will forever cherish!

What I would tell myself at 18.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and to advocate for yourself. You will never know the benefit of the answer until you ask your question.

My Academic Journey

When I was a student at Texas Tech, I was on academic warning and academic probation. I took the required PADR course and completed grade replacement courses. I was able to learn how to be a student from my PADR course and turn my studies around. I brought my GPA up well above minimum requirements, and I graduated from Texas Tech in 2017. The role of the Student Success Specialist wasn't established when I was attending Texas Tech, but I was a student who could have benefitted from their services. It's why I'm so passionate about this role, because I needed a Success Specialist during my undergraduate degree. This position is amazing because students have someone to voice their needs to and receive solutions or further direction in the next steps to take. I failed, got back up, and then succeeded at Texas Tech. I hope that my experience and guidance will direct students on an easier path than the one I took. Let's talk about what questions you have in a judgement free zone!  

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