Texas Tech University

Jessica Murph

Student Success Specialist

"Don't go back to something the universe has already rescued you from. ” 

Jessica Murph, Success Specialist

As a Student Success Specialist, I work within an academic college to provide specialized retention outreach and support services to a cohort of students. I work with students on academic development plans, doing resource referrals as necessary, and helping students clarify their academic and career goals. My goal is to support their ongoing academic success and follow-through to graduation. 
I earned a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Texas Tech University and earned my teaching certificate for Art levels Early Childhood to 12th grade shortly after. I taught high school art for ten years, in addition, worked directly with students on positive behavioral interventions and supports, college preparation, and portfolio development. I enjoy working one-on-one getting to know students and assisting them to be successful. I recently earned my master's degree in Fine Art Painting from Academy of Art University (CA). 
When I'm not working, I enjoy creating art (painting, drawing, printmaking) in my home studio, reading a good book, or hanging out with friends and family. I like to experience new art venues, interacting with and participating in the Lubbock art scene. I also love to travel to the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico and Colorado any time I can. 



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Graphic Design

Graduation Cap

Fine Art Printing (M.F.A.)

Ask me about:

My favorite TTU memory.

My favorite TTU memory is putting up the graphic design Senior Portfolio show with the rest of my graduating class. This was a group exhibit that showcased our final portfolio pieces in the Landmark Gallery at the School of Art. Our opening reception was after our graduation ceremony, making it a full house of guests viewing our works.  

A cool think about Lubbock that a lot of students may not know.

Lubbock has the first cultural arts district in the state of Texas. There are around 2300 art and cultural events every year, with one of the largest events being the First Friday Art Trail each month. 

What I would be doing if I wasn't so good at my job.

Full time artist; participating in solo and group exhibitions, as well as creating works from commission requests and fun small pieces for trade shows.  

The best piece of advice I've ever been given.

don't fall back into old patterns just because they are familiar. This was self-discovered advice as I have been working on my mental health recovery and was found in while researching self-care tips.  

My Academic Journey

I changed my major once as an undergrad shortly into my first semester at TTU. I switched from the College of Mass Communication to the School of Art. This path was simple; I talked to the academic advisor at the College of Visual and Performing Arts and they drew up the paperwork quickly and simply asked for the MCOM advisor to sign off and then return the forms to be finalized. 

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Was a first gen college student.


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Worked while in college.


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Grew up in a rural area.



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