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Alejandra Padgett

Lead Student Success Specialist

"Serendipity is finding something good without looking for it.” 

Alejandra Padgett, Success Specialist

I'm a Student Success Specialist in Student Engagement. I am embedded in a academic college to provide students with a link to the university. My background in Montessori teaching is the basis of viewing each student as uniquely individual. I look forward to being able to work with students on finding resources individual to their needs and give them added support on navigating the complexities of student life at Texas Tech. 
I've most recently worked at the College of Education in development and was fortunate enough to learn more about available scholarships and the need to make sure they are utilized. There is so much available to students who don't “meet the financial aid” need. Before working at the college I was at Christ the King working with pre-K through 4th grade students. I can say that working with students and helping them with their emotional needs is the greatest sense of fulfillment. I'm confident students can meet their academic goals. Sometimes they just need an understanding ear to hear them out.  
When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family taking them to explore a new place like the farmers market or returning to beloved places like the Science Spectrum or Meow Wolf.  



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My favorite thing about Texas Tech.

I love learning about all the traditions at Texas Tech. Because I love Christmas my favorite is the Carol of the Lights. Being together with students and the community to watch the lights flicker on with carols being sung just really signifies the beginning of the holiday. 

What I was pretty sure I would be when I grew up.

Connie Chung (reporter) 

My most memorable facepalm moment.

Pretty much anytime I'm caught being afraid of campus animal life. Most commonly, birds flying at me or fast-moving squirrels! 

The best piece of advice I've ever been given.

Don't hold back saying the little things to those you care about. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

My Academic Journey

My first semester was an extremely rocky start. In the summer before I started school, I unexpectedly lost my uncle, and it shook my family to the core. From that point on I felt like things were so uncertain. My mom moved herself and my sister to live with my grandparents because they were at a complete loss, and we all feared for their health. I was five hours away from my family and ended up without a roommate, so I felt completely isolated. To add to the isolation and worry my air conditioning unit was not working and I couldn't sleep, felt sick from the heat and was on the verge of calling it quits. It just so happened that I ran into a girl I had known in high school and her roommate was moving into a sorority house. First, she let the Residence Assistant know that I was on the verge of leaving school and was able to get them to fix the issue. She and I ended up rooming together and we have been best friends for the past 17 years. The biggest thing I take away from that situation is that all those uncertainties and changes in my life on top of starting college were enough for me to quickly say I couldn't make it, but one person standing up for me and being my friend put that all back on track.    

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Was a First Gen College Student

Was a first gen college student.

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Worked while in college.


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