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Jess Sanchez

Lead Student Success Specialist

"Cultivate kindness."  

Jess Sanchez, Success Specialist

As a Lead Student Success Specialist, I get to work with a team of incredible people who are passionate about helping students to succeed here at Texas Tech. We work together to support students and make sure they get connected with the right campus resource for their needs.  

I graduated from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's degree in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management. After completing my undergrad, I came back to work at Texas Tech just seven months later to begin my career in Higher Education as a Program Manager of First Year & Engagement Programming. My experience with Red Raider Camp, Texas Techspo, and Majors and Minors Fair allowed me to witness many students feeling more prepared for their next steps after attending these programs. I love seeing students form relationships with other students, staff, and faculty across campus because these connections are what make you feel like you belong here.

When I'm not at work, I'm spending time with my favorite people: My husband, Eric, our daughter, Natalie. We also have a family cat named Leo! We enjoy trying out new places to eat, getting outdoors, and hanging out with family members. Most of our extended family live very close to Lubbock, and we enjoy getting together to cook out or play board games. 



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My secret talent.

I love to cross stitch! It's a skill that my grandmother taught me when I was a little girl. During those days, there weren't many designs I liked, but now there's more than you can imagine on Etsy. It's a time-consuming hobby, but I find it to be really relaxing. 

The best thing I was involved in during my undergrad.

I got involved with Transfer Connection after transferring from South Plains College. Through the program, I got involved with a student organization called Transfer Techsans. We played intramurals, celebrated Texas Tech homecoming, hosted holiday parties, and volunteered in the Lubbock community together. My favorite experience was traveling to Floydada, Texas for the Transfer Leadership Connection Retreat. It brought us all closer together. I made some really great friends and developed many personal and professional skills in this program. I'm forever grateful! 

What I find to be the coolest thing about Lubbock

There are some really great people in Lubbock who are committed to helping people find fun things to do. I follow some neat accounts on Instagram like @LubbockInTheLoop and @GoodStuffLBK that keep you up-to-date on new restaurants opening up, concerts coming into town, local weekend activities to try out, etc. There's stuff to do for all kinds of kinds! 

My Academic Journey

I transferred to Texas Tech to finish my undergraduate degree after spending three semesters at South Plains College (SPC). I started in the spring, and I had a hard time making friends at first. I didn't think it was going to be a challenge because it was easy for me to connect on-campus at SPC. I lived in the residence halls, ate in the sole cafeteria on campus, and had small classes. When I moved to Lubbock, it was a different experience entirely. I moved into an apartment, went to the Rawls College of Business, and mostly just came to class and went back home afterwards.

I read my TechAnnounce email and saw there were open positions to be a Transfer Ambassador through the Transfer Connection program. I applied for the job and got it! While I was helping other new transfer students assimilate to Texas Tech, I was getting the experience for myself by creating friendships with students in the same position I was in. 

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