Texas Tech University


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Tech10 Class of 2024, a student must: 

  • Apply online via TechConnect
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Be an undergraduate senior graduating in May, August, or December of 2024
  • Have current full-time status at Texas Tech (unless graduating in May 2024)
  • Be in good academic and accountability standing

Tech10 Award Criteria

In order to become a Tech10 recipient, students must demonstrate dedication to the four criteria of Red Raider Spirit in at least three of the following areas:

Academic Excellence

Commitment to academic excellence involves going above and beyond in pursuit of academic success. Examples include but are not limited to earning strong academic marks, engaging in research, helping others achieve academically, or showing a strong involvement in academic activities.

Leadership on the TTU campus

Commitment to leadership on the TTU campus acknowledges students who have shown a high capacity for leadership. Moreover, these individuals have utilized this ability to become a change agent on campus. Whether leadership manifests in the form of student organization membership, engagement in residential life, or excellence in the field of sports; leadership does not have to be solely positional. Instead, it's impactful and transformational.


Commitment to service captures the experience of those who gave of themselves in an impactful way either through traditional service (community, student staff member, etc.) or through helping to make some aspect of the lived experiences of others fundamentally better.

Strive for Honor

Commitment to Striving for Honor captures those individuals who have gone above and beyond to represent the true Red Raider spirit and tradition through their actions and successes.

Important Dates

January 19 
Tech10 Application Opens 

February 25
Tech10 Application Closes

March 18 
Candidates selected for interviews notified via email.

March 25-26

April 1
Tech10 students are selected and notified via email. 

Tuesday, April 23
Tech10 Celebration