Texas Tech University

Ja Net "Jae" Walker-O'Haver

She/ Her/ Hers
University Studies, Senior

Transfer Ambassador

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Transferred From: Converse College (now University), Georgia State University

Speaks: English

Ask me about:

  • Being a non-traditional student
  • Being a first generation student
  • Living off campus
Ja Net "Jae" Walker-O'Haver, Transfer Ambassador

Meet Ja Net "Jae"

My name is Ja Net and I am from Atlanta, GA. I am from the shadows of the Fulton County Stadium where the Braves were home to Hank Aaron, Chipper Jones, and John Smoltz. I could look out my bedroom window to see the Omni Coliseum where the Hawks soared with Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers, and Moses Malone. I watched the rise and fall of the Georgia Dome where the Falcons flew with Deion Sanders, Mike Kenn, and Morten Andersen.

Yet, I am also a first-generation, older, non-traditional transfer student who is majoring in University Studies with concentrations in English, Human Resource Development, and Integrative Studies in Healthcare Organizations. I plan to pursue my MBA at TTU in the future.

During my time here at TTU, I have been a peer mentor for First Generation Transition and Mentoring Program, a part of Student Development & Engagement, a University Studies Senator in the Student Government Association, and volunteer with the Convocation Committee as a Marshal. I am also looking forward to contributing to the Transfer Ambassador team.

If I could go back in time and talk to myself on my first day at TTU, I would tell myself to be involved and treasure the connections I will make. While I may have started as a distance student, my time on campus this past year has created connections and friendships that I have come to cherish and hope to continue long past graduation. I will tell myself to be a trailblazer that would make my mom proud and the steady support that would make my dad smile.

Life as a Red Raider

Jae Candid Photo Jae Candid Photo