Texas Tech University

Video and Tips for AHP Subscribers


  1. If possible, receive your primary care at TTU Student Health Services. 
  2. Always show up or cancel your appointments in order to avoid Missed Appointment Fees for appointments made at Student Health. 
  3. Save the AHP customer care line in your phone. 1.855.357.0241.
  4. Keep AHP and Student Health Services informed of any address changes.
  5. Use the Emergency Room for emergency situations only.
  6. Use the free Nurseline at 1.800.556.1555 to find the best plan of action for medical treatment.
  7. Keep receipts of all payments made for medical services and prescriptions.
  8. Always use the Find a Doc tool to choose an in-network physician.
  9. Request provider to prescribe a generic drugs to save money.
  10. If you need more information on your plan, ttu.myahpcare.com should be your first stop.
  11. Visit Aetna to print a copy or save an electronic copy of your Aetna insurance card to have with you at all times. 
  12. Make sure to pay your Student Business Services fees on time to avoid late charges. 

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