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I would like to be evaluated for ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a behavioral condition characterized by problems with attention, organization, and thinking before acting. Individuals with ADHD may also be fidgety, noisy, and struggle with self-control. 

In order to effectively sort through the numerous factors that can potentially affect an individual's ability to concentrate and execute their goals with efficiency, a comprehensive psychological evaluation is recommended.

Local Resources for Evaluation for ADHD

Julie Bates, PhD
Patricia Driskill, PhD
5212 75th
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $800 for full psychological evaluation including learning disabilities. Accepts some insurances. Contact office for more information. 

Gaston Rougeaux-Burnes, PsyD
Testing with Dr. Rougeaux-Burnes (Dr. R.B.) involves administering intellectual, achievement, and emotional measures to provide any diagnostic clarification and helpful recommendations.
Cost: Most insurances accepted. 

To schedule: nherrera@stonebridgealliance.com

TTU Psychology Clinic
18th & Boston
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $700. Must pay one half of fee on first day of testing and balance must be paid prior to picking up results. Test time is 5-6 hrs. done in two appointments. Insurance not filed by clinic for testing.

Updated 01/2024

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