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I would like to be evaluated for ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a behavioral condition characterized by problems with attention, organization, and thinking before acting. Individuals with ADHD may also be fidgety, noisy, and struggle with self-control. 

In order to effectively sort through the numerous factors that can potentially affect an individual's ability to concentrate and execute their goals with efficiency, and rule out other clinical diagnoses, a comprehensive psychological evaluation is recommended. 

Local Resources for Evaluation for ADHD

Julie Bates, PhD
Patricia Driskill, PhD
5212 75th
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $800 for full psychological evaluation including learning disabilities. Accepts some insurances. Contact office for more information. 

Gaston Rougeaux-Burnes, PsyD
Testing with Dr. Rougeaux-Burnes (Dr. R.B.) involves administering intellectual, achievement, and emotional measures to provide any diagnostic clarification and helpful recommendations.
Cost: Most insurances accepted. 

To schedule: nherrera@stonebridgealliance.com

TTU Psychology Clinic
18th & Boston
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $700. Must pay one half of fee on first day of testing and balance must be paid prior to picking up results. Test time is 5-6 hrs. done in two appointments. Insurance not filed by clinic for testing.

Esther Schwartz, PhD
TTU Student Health Services
1003 Flint Ave
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $675. Testing time is 6 hours. Insurance not filed by clinic for testing. Student has the option to pay fee at time of appointment or bill fee to Student Business Services account. Student will then have 30 days to pay fee. Fee must be paid before the end of the semester to avoid a hold placed on Student Business Services account. 


Updated 05/2023

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