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Health Insurance FAQ for Non-Immigrant Students

  1. Why does Texas Tech University (Texas Tech University) require non-immigrant students to have health insurance?
    The United States Government has certain requirements for all persons applying for a non-immigrant visa (e.g., student visas) to enter the United States. These include certain financial qualifications – such as being able to meet all personal financial liabilities while in the US, and not becoming a "public charge" while in the US. Given the extraordinarily high cost of medical care in the US, Texas Tech University requires that all non-immigrant students have health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment. This helps assure that non-immigrant students comply with United States Government financial responsibility requirements cited above.
  2. Why are AHP subscribers required to pay the Student Health and Wellness Fee each semester to access care at Student Health Services? The Student Health and Wellness fee is the mechanism which allows Student Health Services to do a number of things to lower the cost of healthcare for TTU students. When insured students pay the Student Health and Wellness Fee, Student Health is able to effectively waive copayments and deductibles for all services received at Student Health. For AHP subscribers in particular, this means that all services received at Student Health Services are 100% covered by the AHP insurance plan and the Student Health and Wellness Fee. While an AHP subscriber could use their insurance to access healthcare within the Lubbock community, they would be responsible to pay their copayments, coinsurance, and deductible associated with the care they receive. For AHP subscribers, the out of pocket cost to access healthcare in the Lubbock community would likely exceed the amount spent to cover the Student Health and Wellness Fee.
  3. Who is covered by this requirement? 
    All enrolled students at Texas Tech University in any non-immigrant status (not U.S. citizens, not Permanent Residents, not Refugees)
  4. Why has Texas Tech University selected only one insurance company for this insurance?
    Texas Tech University undertook a competitive and open process in accordance with governing law and regulation to solicit bids from interested insurance carriers. Based on the competition, Academic Health Plans was awarded the contract.
  5. Are there any AHP waivers for international students or athletes?
    Yes, the insurance premium will be waived for nonimmigrant students sponsored by the United States Government, a foreign government recognized by the United States of America, or certain international, government sponsored or non-governmental organizations. Such waivers will be based on the government or organization guaranteeing payment of all health care expenses including evacuation and repatriation. Documentation must be presented to the Texas Tech University Office of International Affairs prior to registration. The AHP website lists the requirements needed to submit your waiver. 

    The insurance premium will also be waived for students who provide documented evidence of health insurance coverage, including evacuation and repatriation, by an employer, US based. Nonimmigrant students employed by Texas Tech University and eligible for both employer-provided insurance and international student health insurance may select between the two, as long as the insurance selected includes evacuation and repatriation coverage. Note: Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance can be purchased to supplement employer provided health insurance from Academic HealthPlans.
  6. Why are waivers limited?
    Waivers are limited to assure that non-immigrant students at Texas Tech University maintain adequate insurance coverage to pay for potential expenses arising from unexpected medical issues. Otherwise, such expenses could jeopardize the student's ability to cover her/his expenses while in the visa status, as well as make the student vulnerable to becoming a "public charge" (which is a factor precluding qualifying for a non-immigrant visa) while in the United States.
  7. What is the procedure for submitting waiver requests?
    Students who meet one of the waiver criteria must apply online at ttu.myahpcare.com.
  8. How long does it take to get a waiver decision?
    Routine waiver decisions will be completed within ten business days.
  9. How can I appeal if my waiver request is denied?
    Appeals can be submitted in writing to the Office of International Affairs, Box 1036, Texas Tech University. The appeal must explain for which of the waiver categories the student believes s/he qualifies.
  10. Do I have to apply for the waiver every semester?
    Yes, each Fall and Spring. Only students enrolling in the Summer for their first semester must apply for the Summer and also for the Fall.
  11. Now that I've enrolled – where can I get my insurance card?
    You will go online to ttu.myahpcare.com. Access your insurance cards here. On the right side of the screen click on Aetna Quicklinks. This will take you to the Aetna site. You will need your Student ID Number (R#) and your Date of Birth.
  12. If I have to pay for the insurance, can I get the Student Health and Wellness Fee waived from my tuition bill?
    No – The Academic HealthPlans Policy premiums are based on student utilization of Student Health Services at the Student Wellness Center for routine medical appointments. The insurance policy provides coverage for prescription medicines, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and medical care when the student is not in Lubbock, Texas.
  13. Do I need to pay the Student Health and Wellness Fee to be eligible for medical care at Student Health Services?
  14. Where can I find information about AHP insurance?
  15. How do I pay and when must I pay by?
    The cost per semester will be charged to your Student Business Services. Students need to pay for their insurance at the same time they pay their other fees to Texas Tech University.
  16. How does the plan work - can I see any doctors?
    The Texas Tech University plan is a PPO plan. The best place to seek medical assistance is at the Student Health Service, walk through an average visit at Student Health Services on our AHP Insurance in Action page. Student Health Services physicians and a referral nurse can assist you in locating a physician. The Student Insurance plan pays for prescriptions medicines. Students can also access a doctor outside the health center by logging on to ttu.myahpcare.com in order to find an in-network doctor, a walk through for outside visits can also be found on the AHP Insurance in Action page. .
  17. What is the difference between the Texas Tech University Employer (RA/GA/TA) Plan and the Student Plan?
    The Texas Tech University employer plan is administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and has some higher benefits. The Texas Tech University employer plan does not include medical evacuation and repatriation. The Student Plan is geared for students and while it does not have as broad coverage it meets the needs of most students and includes medical evacuation and repatriation and is less expensive then the employer plan.
  18. What are the dates of coverage?
    Fall Semester: August 1 to December 31
    Spring/Summer Terms: January 1 to July 31

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