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In order to fulfill our mission, the medical and administrative staff of Student Health Services is committed to focus all out attention on providing healthcare to TTU students. That being said, we do set aside a small amount of time each month for us to be able to participate in interviews for Daily Toreador and class projects. 

Provide as much information as possible in the form below for your request to be accepted. After we review you request, we will follow up with you via email and let you know if we will be able to accommodate your request or not. 

Due to the demands of clinic, we will not be able to accommodate to your school or work schedule. We will only offer the time we have allotted. If this time does not work for you, you will need to find another resource to interview. 

Finally, Student Health medical providers will not provide personal medical advice during interviews. If you are seeking medical advice, make an appointment with one of our providers by calling Student Health Services. 

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