Texas Tech University

Graduate Students

In order to receive the benefits of accessing healthcare at Student Health Services, all patients are required to pay a Student Health and Wellness Fee. 

This fee is applied automatically to all undergraduate and law students. Graduate students are exempt from having the SHWF automatically applied to their Student Business Service fee statement at the beginning of every semester. 

For a graduate student to receive care at Student Health Services, they are required to sign an elect-to-pay form on their first visit of the semester. Once the form is signed, the graduate student will have access to Student Health Services for the remainder of that semester. If they choose to continue receiving care the following semester, they will be required to sign another elect-to-pay form which will again give them access to the clinic for the remainder of that semester. 

The Student Health and Wellness Fee is $95 and will be applied to the student's Student Business Services fee statement.  

Student Health Services