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While University Recreation facilities are open, we realize that everyone can't always be here in person.  So we are offering some videos and resources that you can access anywhere!RecSports2U

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Upper Body Workout

Today Grayson takes us through an upperbody push workout. With three separate types of pushups and boxer bear crawls in between, this workout is sure to make you dig deep to complete it! #RecSports2U


Enjoy a Sunrise!

Rec Sports hopes it's a beautiful morning where you are today! Today's RecSports2U is simple - enjoy the sunrise soon. Enjoy your local area waking up in the morning while practicing mindfulness. Get prepared for the day while enjoying one of Lubbock's most beautiful sights.


Salsa Dancing

Get ready for a little rhythm today! Sydney from the Fit/Well teaches us a the basic Salsa dance move, and a bonus dance after! After you learn how, turn up the music and dance the day away!


HIIT Workout

Audrey from the Fit/Well takes us through a 12 Minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute). 5 push-ups, 5 jump squats and 5 sit-ups every minute doesn't sound hard, but it gets tough! #raiderpower #recsports2u


Outdoor Fun

 David and Kevin from the OPC help us navigate some do's and don'ts when it comes to going to Texas State Parks and exploring the great outdoors! It's looking like a beautiful weekend, and we encourage you to explore the area close to home!


First Aid Friday

In today's First Aid Friday, Matt teaches us how to deal with a common ailment - a bloody nose. You might be surprised with some of the proper steps to help stop your nose from bleeding!


HIIT Cardio

Dylan takes us through 3 rounds of HIIT Cardio! 


Have some dessert!

It's time for some dessert! In this edition of Cooking with Kami, she shows us how to make a scrumptious no sugar dessert! TLDR: The full recipe is at the end of the video.


Life and Balance

Shelby from the Fit/Well helps us find balance in life, and balance with our body! Balance activities can be a great way to keep your body in great shape while at home!


Smoothie Recipe

Get your week started off right with a nutritious smoothie with Hannah! For weekly nutrition tips, check out the Wellness Wednesday blog on the TTU Hospitality website here: https://eatattexastech.wordpress.com/category/wellness-wednesday/


First Aid Friday

In today's First Aid Friday, Matt covers how to care for someone that is choking. TTU Rec Sports uses the American Red Cross methodology and certifications. For the a Red Cross class close to you, go to: https://www.redcross.org/


Textbook Workout

Raigan leads us in a full body workout that utilizes what we all have right now - textbooks!  #RecSports2U


Push-ups, Squats and Jumping Jacks

Follow along as Alberto leads us through a quick workout with push-ups, squats and jumping jacks! It is sure to get your blood flowing! #recsports2u


Power Yoga

If you think yoga doesn't have any power moves, think again! Kalyn from the Fit/Well will lead us through the drills, warm-ups and need to know basics to start working on a handstand or headstand. And remember, always take caution when practicing or attempting to do any inversion skill. It's okay to have a spotter to help out!


Have Some Fun with Miniture Golf!

 We challenge you to make a fun obstacle course to play some miniature golf! If you don't have a mini golf set, try balling up a sock and kicking if around the course. It's harder than you think! #everyoneplays


First Aid Friday

Welcome to First Aid Friday! Today Matt, our Assistant Director for Aquatics will take us through the basics of how to help in infant if they are choking. If you want more information or to take a class to become certified, please check with your nearest American Red Cross location or online at: https://www.redcross.org/.


Ab Workout

It's an ab day! Dylan from the Fit/Well leads us through three rounds of ab exercises including crunches, hollow rockers and hip dips. We hope you enjoy this #RecSports2U!


Time Workout

Brittany from the Fit/Well will lead us through a timed rotation workout focusing on the lower body. Get ready to squat, lunge and do frog jumps in this fun and challenging workout!


Journaling and Mindfulness

Shelby from the Fit/Well leads us through a journal prompt. We encourage you to get out a pen and paper, or even the Notes app on your phone and write a little or a lot about the prompt. Happy journaling!


Bike Skills

Joe from the OPC takes us through a skill that all bikers need - how to get over a curb! Allows were appropriate protective equipment and follow local laws when biking. Enjoy the ride!


Planks and Arms

Raigan from the Fit/Well will take us through a plank and arm workout that everyone can do! If you don't have a weight at home, fill up a water bottle and use that!



It's time for some Cardio-HIIT! Mari Kate from the Fit/Well leads us through a three set workout based on jumping jacks! It's a great way to get the blood flowing!


Working Out While Watching TV

Binge-watching a new show? Paxtyn from the Fit/Well has a simple and effective workout you can do with a chair or on the couch!


Leg Day!

It's leg day! Grayson with the Fit/Well leads us through a leg workout that can be done in your home! If you have any questions about the workout or form, leave a comment on our Facebook post!


Fruit and Vegetable Challenge

We challenge you to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables today! For more information about fruits and vegetables, check out this Wellness Wednesday food blog by Texas Tech Hospitality Services! 


Lilly from Aquatics teaches us how to properly use sunscreen. Make sure to protect your skin if you are in the sun today!


Paper Airplane Contest

Have some fun today with RecSports2U! Can you beat Brett in a paper airplane contest? Show us your best plane and flight!


Cooking with Kami

Cooking with Kami has a yummy breakfast for you!


Hannah takes you through a quick workout with everyone's favorite exercise - Burpees! You can do this workout inside or outside!


5 Minute Meditation

Shelby from the Fit/Well will help us take 5 minutes and just meditate. #RecSports2u!


Have a Catch!

Get outside and have a little bit of fun with RecSports2U, hosted by Intramurals!


Cooking With Kami

Kami White-Waden helps us make a quick and healthy snack!


Wednesday, April 1

Full body workout with Grayson!