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UREC Archery Club is a club that is geared towards anything archery! Our members reflect the diversity of the archery world. Meet us every Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Archery Shack.

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UREC Archery Club Board:

  • President: Kallista Kunzler
  • Treasurer: Shivani Tadimeti
  • Secretary: Kaitlin Lutz

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Raider Badminton Club was established in April 2013 and became the first ever official badminton club of Texas Tech University in January 2015. We host home tournaments every semester and provide training sessions for members looking to improve in the sport. Raider Badminton Club is affiliated with the Texas Intercollegiate Badminton Association and represents Texas Tech University in away tournaments organized by them.

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UREC Badminton Club Board:

  • President: Chuan Liang
  • Vice President: Dixie Wang
  • Treasurer: Christian Stephens
  • Secretary: FNU Rashmi
  • Safety Officer: Khai Tran

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The UREC Ballroom Dance Team is an organization of people who enjoy learning to dance! We take lessons in Waltz, Swing, Foxtrot, Country, Salsa and many others. Come learn to dance and if you're inclined, show off your moves with the team at collegiate ballroom competitions across the state! All Texas Tech students and faculty are welcome and no prior experience or partner is required.

ballroom dance

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UREC Ballroom Dance Club Board:

  • President: Emily Seawright
  • Vice President: Lex Tondre
  • Treasurer: Don Sayaseng
  • Secretary: Robyn Johnson
  • Safety Officer: Emily Seawright

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Welcome to Tech Billiards! We're a group of students dedicated to the art and sport of Billiards. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our club offers a welcoming environment for all skill levels. From casual games to organized tournaments, there's something for everyone here. Not only do we strive for excellence on the table, but we also foster a sense of community among our members. It's not just about the game; it's about building friendships and having fun along the way. So, if you're passionate about billiards and looking to connect with like-minded individuals at Texas Tech, come join us at Tech Billiards. Let's chalk up our cues and make some memories together!


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Billiards Club Board:

  • President: Roby Westall
  • Vice President: Israel Benitez
  • Treasurer: Josh Paguinto
  • Secretary: James Soroka
  • Historian: Joseph Bustamante
  • Safety Officer: Luke Akin

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We are a competitive collegiate baseball club designed to compete in the NCBA (National Club Baseball Association). To join the team, prospective players must tryout and then pay dues. We compete in the Gulf Coast North Conference.

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Baseball Club Board:

  • President: Will Peters
  • Vice President: Luis Carbonell
  • Treasurer: Nathaniel Ramos
  • Secretary: Ryan Golomb
  • Safety Officer: Sonny Olivas

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The UREC Bowling Club is an organization dedicated to bowling, whether it be for fun or competition. We bowl to have fun but above all else even if there is some competition we strive to succeed. We welcome all who love to bowl no matter the amount of experience one has. Nobody is frowned upon for the way they bowl or their scores. Here at UREC Bowling Club we enjoy the game of bowling with our club members and practice new techniques of bowling, form and consistency in a friendly and supportive environment. We want to share our love of bowling with the students of Texas Tech. So if you like to bowl and want to enjoy it with others while improving your form, come join us! We look forward to seeing you. Wreck em' Tech!

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Bowling Club Board:

  • President: Hunter Mills
  • Treasurer: Kallista Fritts

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The University Recreation Climbing Club creates a fun and vibrant atmosphere for local climbers at the UREC Climbing Wall as well as the outdoor trips the club will take. In unison, the UREC Climbing Club will also serve as a training resource for competitive climbers who are interested in participating in collegiate competitions.

urec climbing club

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UREC Climbing Club Board:

  • President: Angel Sarmiento
  • Vice President: Noah Sayre
  • Treasurer: Faris Fanek
  • Secretary: Kayla Theimer
  • Safety Officer: Konner Jenkins

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We Ride!!!

cycling team

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Cycling Club Board:

  • President: Chris Jantz
  • Vice President: Autumn Kerr

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Texas Tech Disc Golf competes against college's best all year, the goal is to qualify for the College Disc Golf National Championships at the end of every year. There is no limit on how many people are on the team, we will have tryouts in August to determine skill level and team placements. Join Texas Tech Disc Golf! Email us for more info.

TTU Disk Golf Club

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Disk Golf Club Board:

  • President: Mason Williams
  • Vice President: Ben Rowe
  • Treasurer: Garrison Lane
  • Secretary: Noah Coathern

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Tech Esports Association is A sports club and community of around 100 members who are interested in competitive video games and casual gamers looking for people to play with. We are focused on growing our teams in a competitive sense, but we have many members who just want to play video games casually as well. Currently competing at a regional and national level in Apex Legends, CS 2, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Omega Strikers, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant. Our goal is to expand and educate the Texas Tech community, both faculty and student body about the growing scene of Esports and collegiate Esports. Join our Discord here: discord.gg/nykjwpB


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Esports Club Board:

  • President: Tanner Sims
  • Vice President: Clayton Boeker
  • Treasurer: Austin Boswell
  • Secretary: Ty Gabrelson
  • Safety Officer: Calvin Darby

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Competitive Sport club in the art of Olympic Style Fencing.

UREC Fencing Club


UREC Fencing Club Board:

  • President: Paden Reddock
  • Vice President: Alex Villarreal
  • Treasurer: Ethan Fisher
  • Secretary: Derringer Boyd

We are a competitive gymnastics team (both men's and women's teams). Our gym is open to anyone who wants to learn the basics of gymnastics, who has been or is currently a competitive gymnast, and to anyone who is interested in gaining strength and flexibility through gymnastics-based workouts.

TTU Gymnastics Club

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Gymnastics Club Board:

  • President: Jordyn Ryan
  • Vice President: Emily Gold
  • Treasurer: Sydney Gulbe
  • Secretary: Tenley Shepard
  • Fundraising Chair: Abby Madrid
  • Travel Coordinator: Makenzie Kapphahn
  • Safety Officer: Seth Regalado

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Tech Ice Hockey is a club for hockey players that want to continue playing competitive hockey. The club competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, which abides by the same rules and regulations as the NCAA. The ACHA has a Regional tournament, National tournament, and is taken very seriously throughout the nation. We usually play 14-18 games a season against other University Club teams from several states including Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico. We are dedicated to giving Texas Tech students the opportunity to continue playing hockey in college and to growing the game of hockey in West Texas.

ice hockey

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Hockey Club Board:

  • President: Peter Loncar
  • Vice President: Theoren Markusson
  • Treasurer: Walker Smith
  • Secretary: Jackson Odenbach
  • Safety Officer: Ethan Kellenberger

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We are a club dedicated to competing and teaching the game of lacrosse.

mens lacrosse club

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Men's Lacrosse Club Board:

  • President: Lafayette Herring
  • Vice President: Maxwell Cisneros
  • Treasurer: Derek Morreale
  • Chair: Christian Dyke
  • Chair: Jackson Frysack
  • Chair: Hampton Jagliski

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A Sports Club that allows women to get together and compete at a recreational level against other members of the TWLL league, including UT, Texas A&M, Baylor, UNT, LSU and many more! No experience is required!

womens lacrosse club

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Women's Lacrosse Club Board:

  • President: Emily Rhodes
  • Vice President: Jude Hanson
  • Treasurer: Catie Pacer
  • Secretary: Isabella Quintanilla
  • Safety Officer: Mya Mitchell

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The University Recreation Martial Arts Club's purpose is to teach the discipline of Aikido, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to students with the objective of developing the awareness and skills inherent to the martial art while preparing them for effective self-defense situations and fostering stress management and recreation.

Our classes are held at the Texas Tech University Recreation (Mat room by the Rockwall):

  • Aikido: MWF 7:45-9:15pm
  • BJJ: T/Th: 7:45-9:15pm, F: 6-7:30pm
  • Judo: T/Th 6-7:30pm
  • Striking: Sat 11:30-1pm
  • Judo Kids Class Sunday 2-4pm
  • Conditioning: Sat 10-11:30am
  • BJJ/Judo/Aikido open practice: Sat 1:30pm-5pm

martial arts club

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Martial Arts Club Board:

  • President: Tristan Pullin
  • Vice President: Hayden Hull
  • Treasurer: Hunter Oshel
  • Secretary: Chris Hernandez
  • Safety Officer: Jack Phan

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We strive to be the best in NCPA. We compete against many teams around Texas, as well as take part in large recreational events throughout the year. Our goal is to expand the sport of paintball throughout the Texas Tech Campus.

UREC Paintball

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Paintball Club Board:

  • President: Dante Bernal
  • Vice President: Shakir Booker
  • Treasurer: Kyle Polack
  • Secretary: Taylor Hodde
  • Safety Officer: Jacob Thorton

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This organization serves to bring together the pickleball enthusiasts at Texas Tech. Our goal is to create a friendly environment that connects Pickleball players from all levels of expertise and nurtures the development of pickleball players through casual and competitive means. We believe that finding the right Pickleball partners based on one's skill level can be difficult and we aim to unite similar pickleball players to establish fun, competitive games for all.

pickleball club

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Contact Email:

Pickleball Club Board:

  • President: Ganesh Chetan Tallam
  • Vice President: Paul Nguyen
  • Treasurer: Taisana Naputi
  • Secretary: Aaron DeSouza
  • Safety Officer: Austin Crowell

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The UREC Polo Club is an organization dedicated to introducing horsemanship and this incredible sport to any students who are interested in learning. Our club strives to produce respectable, dependable and enthusiastic athletes who are interested in the equestrian world and learning new activities.

urec polo club

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Contact Email:

Polo Club Board:

  • President: Camden Kolb
  • Vice President: Cole Faires
  • Treasurer: Avery Abbott
  • Secretary: Sophia Gill
  • Safety Officer: Darrell Griffith
  • Barn Manager: Darrell Griffith
  • Horse Manager: Maria Carter
  • Social Chair: Raquel Bosley

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matador powerlifting

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Contact Email:

Club Board:

  • President: Carson Starnes
  • Vice President: Brooke Underdown
  • Treasurer: Daniel Anderson
  • Secretary: Kevin Hernandez
  • Safety Officer: Robert McLane

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Welcome to the Texas Tech Rowing Club, where we prioritize community, teamwork, and fun on and off the water. Run by experienced rowers who are both coaches and students, our club offers a dynamic environment for all levels of rowing enthusiasts.

urec rowing club

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Contact Email:

Rowing Club Board:

  • President: Isabella Norman
  • Vice President: Xavier Lewis
  • Treasurer: Michael Bohr
  • Academic Advisor: Zoe Curry
  • Social Platform: Angie Patrick
  • Workout Advisor: July Jones

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Texas Tech RFC is all about growing college students into strong young adults through the sport of Rugby. We take pride in being a team where anyone can join and anyone can play no matter their prior experience. In the fall of 2021, more than 50% of our team were first-year players with little to no experience playing rugby before. This strategy has helped us grow the sport to young students who may have never heard of or played rugby in the US. We would love to have you out no matter the experience level. To get in contact with us please message us on instagram @ttu.rugby or via a contact form on our official website: ttumensrugby.com

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Contact Email:

UREC Men's Rugby Club Board:

  • President: Ryan Sunderman
  • Vice President: Victor Romero
  • Treasurer: Waylon Mitchell
  • Fundraising: Bryce Tucker
  • Digital Presence: Isaac Cuchens
  • Alumni Relations: Tyler Worthington
  • Recruiting: Demir Utkautan
  • Safety Officer: Dawit Mulat-Davis

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Since our induction into the Texas Tech University Sports Club Federation in 1995, the Texas Tech Women's Rugby team has become a prominent club in women's athletics. Texas Tech Women's Rugby has clinched first place in the Texas Collegiate Region DII three years in a row, qualifying for the Western Rugby Collegiate Finals and permitting us to compete with teams across the country for a national championship in places such as Colorado, Louisiana and California. We have since been moved to DI along with Texas A&M and continue to be among the top competitors in our sport. We are a competitive club nationally affiliated with USA Rugby through the Texas Rugby Union league. The only requirements to be a member is paying semester dues, being enrolled as a full time student at TTU and showing up to weekly practices. INTERESTED IN JOINING A WINNING TEAM? No experience in playing rugby is necessary! Most of our player come to us with just a general athletic background and a will to work. We strive to build our players and our coaches enjoy teaching the unfamiliar game of rugby.

womens rugby club

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Contact Email:

Women's Rugby Club Board:

  • President: Kaylee Kemp
  • Vice President: Arlene Sanchez
  • Treasurer: Adrian Fowlkes
  • Secretary: India Bray
  • Safety Officer: Kaitlynn Weatherread

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A club for new and experienced runners to come together and keep each other accountable.

Contact Email:

Running Club Board:

  • President: Apollo Gonzales
  • Vice President: Mei Gill
  • Treasurer: Chris Jantz
  • Secretary: Mikaela Trevino
  • Historian: Julia Wells

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We are a student-run organization which provides competitive soccer without the time commitment of a varsity program. We are dedicated to personal development on and off the field in order to enrich the experience of our members. The purpose of the UREC Men's Soccer Club is to represent Texas Tech University in a proper manner by playing soccer to the best of our abilities.

mens soccer

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Contact Email:

Men's Soccer Club Board:

  • President: Rocco Falabella
  • Vice President: Tyler McCollum
  • Treasurer: Josh Fabian
  • Secretary: Jacob Oshel
  • Safety Officer: Rocco Falabella

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The UREC Women's Soccer Club's purpose is to provide female students at Texas Tech the opportunity to continue playing soccer at a highly competitive level and to represent our university. We play in a league against other universities and we strive to qualify for the regional and national tournaments. Since we practice multiple times per week and travel for events, being a part of this team does require dedication along with a love for the game. Being a part of this club is an unforgettable experience and provides an opportunity to meet lifelong friends and have a well rounded college experience.

soccer team

Contact Email:

Women's Soccer Club Board:

  • President: Kaya Solis
  • Vice President: Audrey Dixon
  • Treasurer: Olivia Haddock
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Simas
  • Safety Officer: Michelle Quintero

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We are so excited that you are interested in Texas Tech Swim Club! Tech Swimming is hoping to bring together anyone and everyone who has a passion for swimming. If you have been on a competitive swim team before or you are just looking for a great way to exercise, Texas Tech Swim Club is the club to join! Practices are: Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

urec swimming club

Contact Email:

Swimming Club Board:

  • President: Tyler Hennigan
  • Vice President: George Sanders
  • Treasurer: Camille Tindall
  • Secretary: Amy Edwards
  • Safety Officer: Amelia Putkaradze

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The purpose of this organization is to provide a community where all are welcome. We aim to foster friendships and create a safe competitive environment for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities through sports and leisure activity. Our organization is a direct affiliate with Special Olympics Texas. We encourage those who have an interest in playing sports and creating a positive atmosphere with Special Olympic athletes to join our organization.


Contact Email:

SOC Club Board:

  • President: Emilee Rodriguez
  • Vice President: Ansley Iversen
  • Treasurer: Elyse Dion
  • Secretary: Bailey Stewart
  • Safety Officer: Hannah Cogill

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The USTA Tennis on Campus program was developed by the United States Tennis Association to help college campuses create recreational opportunities for their students through team-based coed league play. The club team is open to all skill levels and is a great way to get involved and meet new people. The club has a traveling team for more competitive players that competes with other schools across the nation. Practices are held three times a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) which are not mandatory but are strongly recommended for the traveling team. We post most of our communication through GroupMe and Instagram, so be sure to visit us on social media linked below.

urec tennis club

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Contact Email:

Tennis Club Board:

  • President: Gracie Polster
  • Vice President: Landon Rubi
  • Treasurer: Nathan Boles
  • Secretary: Jarrett Kimbrell
  • Fundraising Officer: Julianna Tan
  • Competition Officer: Alejandro Delgado
  • Safety Officer: Tyler Niham

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An organization for educating TTU students, faculty and staff members about the importance of gun safety and range etiquette. We introduce members to shotgun shooting sports; including but not limited to Trap and Skeet while providing a safe off-campus facility for practice and competitions. We will work with outdoor industries and local Lubbock businesses for support and fundraising for our team and local philanthropy. Students will also be introduced to Olympic disciplines and are encouraged to compete in the competitive Olympic sports such as Trap and Skeet on the American and International level. As a team of student athletes, our goal will be to travel statewide and nationally, working our way to the ACUI national intercollegiate championships. From beginners to experts; all experience levels are welcomed. We strongly encourage all students, faculty and staff members with any experience or interest in the sport to join the team or have fun just practicing at the range. This club is limited to shotgun sports only, no pistols or rifles.

urec trapskeet club

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Contact Email:

Trap & Skeet Club Board:

  • President: Carson Childress
  • Vice President: Nathan Ricks
  • Treasurer: Harley Casper
  • Secretary: Bryce Nagel
  • Safety Officer: Andrew Reoh

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Our club is a co-ed competitive team that plays in tournaments with other universities throughout the year. Ultimate is a sport that encourages conditioning and teamwork. It is one of the fastest growing sports on the college level. Ultimate (originally known as ultimate frisbee) is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc.

Contact Email:


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Ultimate Frisbee Club Board:

  • President: Fadi Romanos
  • Vice President: Bret Dickey
  • Treasurer: Ramiro Diago Rodriguez
  • Secretary: Cristobal Correa-Trujillo
  • Safety Officer: Eyal Refaeli

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The purpose of this club is to motivate and teach the game of volleyball. While doing so, keeping a competitive mindset with the intentions of improving every member and working as a team.

men's volley ball team

Contact Email:

Men's Volleyball Club Board:

  • President: Andrew VerHagen
  • Vice President: Ian Giddens
  • Treasurer: Brawnson Gould
  • Secretary: Ryan Marsh
  • Safety Officer: Noah Gonzales

Social Media

  • Visit us on Instagram!
  • Find us on Youtube: @texastechmensclubvolleyball

The competitive club volleyball team at Texas Tech University Recreation. We meet on the back court in the TTU Rec Center on Monday and Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm. Please contact us through the club email address for more information! Wreck 'em!

volleyball team

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Contact Email:

Women's Volleyball Club Board:

  • President: Aryanna Sanchez
  • Vice President: Jayleen Reyna
  • Treasurer: Hayleigh Kuhn
  • Secretary: Leila Ebeid
  • Safety Officer: Marlee Prewitt

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We play water polo in the Collegiate Water Polo Association, Texas Division. Our season takes place in the Fall but we continue to practice through the spring semester. If you want to join the team please contact us, you are welcome to come try it out!

Water Polo

Contact Email:

Water Polo Club Board:

  • President: Gracen Senterfitt
  • Vice President: Turner Melley
  • Treasurer: Theodore Bonzelet
  • Secretary: Samuel Flesch
  • Safety Officer: Dario Olmo

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The TTU Wakeboard team strives to be the best collegiate Water-sports team in the nation. We are exited that you are interested in joining. We travel the state of Texas as well as the nation competing on the collegiate level as well as the professional level, in both individual and team events. We practice at buffalo springs lake 20 minutes from campus. In order to join the team you must try out as their is a limited amount of space on the boat. Wreck em!


Contact Email:

Wakeboard Club Board:

  • President: Chase Rucker
  • Vice President: Troy Evans
  • Treasurer: Ally Hand
  • Secretary: Cale Sunt
  • Safety Officer: Parker Benefield

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More Information

For more information, please visit us in the Sport Programs' office on the second floor at the Rec Center.

University Recreation