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Undergraduate Minors Speak Out

All students are minoring in Women's  and Gender Studies, unless otherwise noted.

La Treshia A. Hamilton

"Being a part of the women's studies program at Texas Tech has allowed me to fully realize not only my influence as a woman, but a Black woman. For centuries, Black/African American women have been deemed an afterthought. My experiences and education at Texas Tech have not only shown me that I am not an afterthought, but it has shown me that MY fight has not yet been won. I am now aware of my own power and strength to change the world for Black/African American women."

la treshia hamilton

Frances Martin

"For me, women's studies is an alternative point of view through which we can view our world. As a history major, I believe women's voices are vital in understanding the human condition and I am fortunate to have the opportunity of being a women's studies minor."

frances martin


Sylvia Tarango

"Women's Studies has allowed me to embrace my womanhood"


sylvia tarango




There are *652 women's and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

* Source: NWSA

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