Texas Tech University

Women's Studies Graduate Program


The Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Certificate (for doctoral and master's degree candidates) acts as a stand-alone credential useful for professionals in nursing, social work, law, healthcare management, and the military, as well as in faith-based organizations and the field of education.

  • Graduate Certificate - The Graduate Certificate Program (GCP) was approved in 2006 by the Texas Tech University Graduate School, TTU Academic Council, and the State of Texas Coordinating Board. Students may pursue this certificate in Women's Studies as either a graduate minor field or a supplemental post-baccalaureate credential. Apply Now
  • Master's Degrees - The Women's & Gender Studies does not currently offer a MA degree, but: With the approval of major department and the Women's & Gender Studies Advisor, Women's Studies courses may be approved as coursework toward either the major field of the Masters Program or as a minor field (2-3 courses outside the major field, as approved by the Department Chair or Graduate Advisor in the major field/department. Faculty affiliated with the Women's & Gender Studies may serve on Master's thesis advisory committees, as appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. 
  • Doctoral Degrees - The Women's & Gender Studies does not currently offer a PhD but: 15 hours of Women's Studies graduate coursework can qualify as a minor field. If so, Women's Studies must be included in the qualifying examination and must be represented on the student's doctoral committee, as appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. Individual Women's Studies graduate courses may be included in the coursework required for the major field, upon approval by the research advisor. 
  • MA Interdisciplinary Studies - Did You Know? Individual Women's Studies graduate courses might also be approved by major departments toward the coursework requirements of other interdisciplinary graduate degree programs. These include Ethnic Studies, Comparative Literature, and Fine Arts. Consult your graduate advisor to find out more. Of 3 subject areas, one can be Women's Studies. 


Dr. Miglena Sternadori, 806.742.4335, miglena.sternadori@ttu.edu