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Texas Tech University is committed to ethical institutional programs that meet the teaching, research, and service objectives of each discipline and department, to policies that are consistent with those objectives, and to a working and learning environment that encourages active participation.

Such exemplary environments often challenge existing worldviews, requiring trust in the process of discovery and the acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity within ethical parameters.

How is Affiliated Faculty defined?

An affiliate faculty member in Women's & Gender Studies consists of persons holding academic appointments in other departments or interdisciplinary programs that support and advocate feminist pedagogy. Affiliated Faculty includes full-time faculty (tenure and non-tenure track). Additionally we also recognize half and three quarter time instructors, including but not limited to, GTPI and Adjuncts.

What does it mean to be an Affiliated Faculty in Women's & Gender Studies?

As an interdisciplinary program, Women's & Gender Studies brings together faculty from across the campus. These scholars teach, research and/or service the University in areas related to Women's & Gender Studies.

We have several co-curricular events throughout the academic year as well as an academic conference each spring and your help with planning and promotion of these events would be most welcome. There are multiple opportunities to connect with students and faculty with similar interests. We have the Edna Maynard Gott Memorial Library in 259 Drane Hall that contains videos and books on women's and gender issues that are available to be checked out. Also, if you have courses taught from a feminist perspective that you would like for us to advertise to our students or, in the case of undergraduate courses, apply to have them cross-listed please let us know.

Your support and active interest in the continued growth and development of Women's & Gender Studies at Texas Tech University, is greatly appreciated. We welcome your involvement with our program because it is through the efforts of dedicated faculty members like you that the program continues to carry on its mission of supporting both undergraduate and graduate-level teaching, research and co-curricular programming for the women and men on this campus and in the community.

What are the benefits to being an Affiliated Faculty in Women's & Gender Studies?

  • Listed as a joint member on the web site: Affiliated Faculty (list) list icon
  • Participate, attend and promote events and programs administered throughout the year
  • Act as an advocate for the program keeping us informed of potential coursework and co-curricular collaborations within your department
  • Accomplishments featured in our e-newsletter: Contact the WGS email
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities with faculty, staff and students across campus

How do I become a member?

To be a member of our Affiliated Faculty please complete the Affiliated Faculty Status Application

In the Comments section of the form, please answer the following questions.

  1. The name, title, and email of your director supervisor.
  2. Please tell us how your scholarship, teaching and/or service is relevant to Women's and Gender Studies.
  3. Please share with us why you wish to be considered for membership as a Women's and Gender Studies Affiliated Faculty member.

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