Texas Tech University

Stephanie J. Jones, Ed.D.

Professor, Program Coordinator
Educational Psychology, Leadership, & Counseling

Email: stephanie.j.jones@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-1380

Office: Education 307

Dr. Jones is a Professor and Program Coordinator for the Higher Education program at Texas Tech University. She graduated from TTU in 2006 with a doctorate degree in Higher Education. She has been a faculty member at TTU since 2008. Prior to her employment at TTU, she worked in higher education academic administration in the areas of distance learning, dual enrollment, instructional technology, faculty and student support, grant administration, as well as in faculty and department chair roles. She has served in project director and activity director roles for Title V and Title III grants, as well as various THECB grants, where she both developed and directed the initiatives. She currently serves as the PI for the TTU NSF-ADVANCE grant, Advancing Equity through Systemic Strategies to Improve Leadership, Departmental Collegiality, and Data Transparency at Texas Tech University

Dr. Stephanie J. Jones, Ed.D.


  • Ed.D. in Higher Education, Texas Tech University
  • M.Ed. in Educational Technology, University of Texas Brownsville
  • M.B.A. in General Business with focus in Management Information Systems, Texas Tech University
  • B.B.A. in Management and Management Information Systems, Texas Tech University


  • Women and Gender Studies, Texas Tech University
  • STEM Core, Member

Research Interests

Dr. Jones' research focuses on community colleges, leadership, as well as access and equity within higher education organizational structures, with specific interest in gender equity. She current work explores the challenges and barriers that women face in advancing their careers in higher education organizations. This work has recently evolved to a more focused view of the systemic issues that occur within organizational structures that prevent women, whether students, faculty, or staff, from thriving in the working environment. Much of her research is framed around the culture and climate of organizations and how systematically they can be addressed to transform higher education institutions to ones that are equitable. Her current theoretical work is framed by systems theory, organizational theory and learning, and social role theory.

Recent/Selected Publications

Pal, T. R., & Jones, S. J. (2020). Effects of the Culture and Climate of Doctoral-granting Institutions on the Career Aspirations of Women Midlevel Student Affairs Professionals. Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education, 13(1), 16-26.

Hicks, J. & Jones, S. J. (2019). Achieving Institutional Sustainability through Relevancy. Zoe Thornton (Ed). New Directions for Community Colleges, 187, 31-40.

Palmer, E. M.*, & Jones, S. J. (2019). Woman-woman Mentoring Relationships and their Roles in Tenure Attainment. Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education, 12(1), 1-17.

Jones, S. J. (2017, Winter). Supporting the Mission through Dual Enrollment. In K. Wilson & R. Garza-Mitchell (Eds). Forces shaping community college missions. New Directions for Community Colleges, 180, 75-83.

Johnson, A.*, & Jones, S. J. (2017). An Instrumental Case Study Analysis of Anticipatory Leadership Practices in Community Colleges. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 1-16.

Jones, S. J., Warnick, E. M.*, & Palmer, E. M.* (2016). Environmental Barriers and their Effects on the Perceptions of Women on the Tenure Track. NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education, 9(1), 21-38.

Jones, S. J., Warnick, E. M.*, & Taylor, C. M. (2015). Identification of Institutional Genderedness through Organizational Operations: An Analysis of Community College Working Environments. NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education, 8(1), 1-16.

Jones, S. J. (2015). Reforming Practitioner-based Doctoral Education: Access, Diversity, and Impact. Virginia Snead (Ed.). The Education Doctorate (Ed.D.): Issues of Access, Diversity, Social Justice, and Community Leadership, 61-71. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Gill, K., & Jones, S. J. (2013).  Fitting in:  Community college female executive leaders share their experiences. NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education, 6(1), 48-70.

Jones, S. J., & Taylor, C. M.  (2012). Effects of Institutional Climate and Culture on the Perceptions of the Working Environments of Public Community Colleges.  NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education.

Jones, S. J., & Palmer, E. M.* (2011). Glass Ceilings and Catfights:  Career Barriers for Women in Academia. Advancing Women in Leadership, 31, 189-198. 

*Work with Graduate Students

Funded Grants

Jones, S. J. (PI), Tindle, K. (Co-PI), Millerick, K. M. (Co-PI), Canas-Carrell, J. (Co-PI), & Galyean, M. (Co-PI). NSF-ADVANCE-ADAPTATION: Advancing Equity through Systemic Strategies to Improve Leadership, Departmental Collegiality, and Data Transparency at Texas Tech University (funded $976,173 – September 1, 2020-August 21, 2023).

Tindle, K., (Principal) & Jones, S. J. (Co-principal). (2018-2019). Gender in Research Development: A Mixed Methods Analysis of NORDP Members. National Organization of Research Development Professionals (funded $1,500).

Jones, S. (Principal). (2008-2010). Team-up for College Knowledge. Federal Pass through Grant - Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (funded $99,105).