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Preparation Materials

We have compiled a list of resources to assist you with the TExES exams. Special thanks to Carisa Kohutek and Michael Vriesenga of UTSA for providing and organizing part of this list.

General Certification Exam Preparation

Pearson Education Inc. (Pearson)

Because Pearson is the testing vendor with responsibility to develop, administer and modify TExES tests, the Pearson TExES website is an excellent source for test preparation materials.

  • Policies – Read and understand the Policies for the test you plan to take.
  • Prepare – Pearson provides a variety of general exam information and specific content review resources. Use these to prepare for the test.
  • Preparation Manuals – These provide information on test structure and the questions you will answer.
  • Interactive Practice Tests – These are full-length tests with answers. Take these tests, and then review the results carefully to understand how to best prepare for the real test. These tests cost $10.
  • General Guidance – This includes developing a study plan, reducing test anxiety, strategies and tips, and tutorials on the tools, such as online calculators, that you will encounter in TExES tests.

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility

Notice regarding the PPR: The Texas Education Agency is working towards replacing the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities test with a performance-based assessment called edTPA. In addition to requiring much more time and work from you, edTPA will cost over $300 while the PPR costs about $120. Therefore, it is advisable that you take the PPR as soon as you are ready.

All Content Areas

The TExES content tests are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). If you know and understand the TEKS, then you should be well prepared for the TExES content exams. It behooves you to know the TEKS now, since you will be teaching them soon.

  • Review the TEKS in Chapters 110 through 130 of the Commissioner's Rules.
  • Read the Assessed Curriculum for STAAR assessments related to your curriculum area. Note the similarity to the TExES Test at a Glance documents. Read the Assessed Curriculum for your curriculum area. That will give you a much more specific idea of the items to be tested. These resources are available on the TEA website at https://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/staar/.
  • Test your knowledge of the TEKS the same way you will test whether or not your students understand the TEKS – by taking the STAAR exams. The Student Testing and Accountability section of the TEA website includes Released Tests that you can use to improve your knowledge.
    • Do NOT just read the questions and guess at the answers. You should be able to identify with certainty which answer is right, and you should be able to explain with certainty why each wrong answer is wrong.
    • This is a much higher level of study, but it is exactly what you'll have to do with your students very soon.
  • To improve your general knowledge in the Core Subject areas, try the PBS Learning Media website.
  • The College Board provides sample test questions and a variety of resources which may help you.
  • Play a Jeopardy!-like game to test your Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in a variety of areas: https://jeopardylabs.com/browse/?q=teks&sort_by=_score&submit=Search.
  • Quizlet provides flashcards and other resources. https://quizlet.com/subject/texes/
  • The Texas Education Agency provides the Texas Gateway. This has a wide variety of resources that you can use to prepare for the test or use in your own classroom.
  • The Crash Course provides brief courses on many subjects with supportive cartoons.
  • CK-12 provides a variety of lessons on math, science, English and more.
  • The Khan Academy provides free lessons on many subjects at various grade levels.

Elementary Core Subjects

Social Studies



  • Math content area tutoring - contact the Math Department at 806-742-2566 or www.math.ttu.edu
  • University of Houston provides preparation for 4-8 Mathematics or other mathematics tests. This is accessible through the eCommunity of Practice above.
  • WTAMU's Virtual Math Lab may help you review mathematical concepts for a TExES exam.

English Language Arts/Reading




Special Education

Test-Taking Strategies

Legal and Ethical Issues