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The Virginia Murray Sowell Center for Research and Education in Sensory Disabilities

The Sowell Center promotes quality research to address the academic and social needs of school-age students with sensory disabilities and provides public service to assist local, national and international constituencies.

Sowell Center Activity Concerning Accessibility

Photo of a traffic intersection with a close-up on the pedestrian crossing instructional sign. The lower-third graphic reads "Coverage you can count on. TTU Blindness simulation program. Traffic Engineers from all over Texas"

Photo of Dr. Nora Griffin-Shirley instructing a blindfolded person with a white cane on how to navigate an intersection in downtown Lubbock.

Traffic engineers learn how it feels to be blind at TTU event

Traffic engineers participate in TTU blindness simulation

Sowell Center Provides Blindness Simulation to Traffic Engineers Association

Student Information & Deadlines

Curriculum Change for O&M Students Working on a Master's Degree

In Summer 2020, the comprehensive examination will change from the UKAT/RASW project to a comprehensive research paper.

For current students who are working on a master's degree and have completed the UKAT/RASW project for internship, you will be given the option of using the project as your comprehensive examination or completing the comprehensive research paper. All new students starting Spring 2020 will be required to complete the comprehensive research paper.

More details about the comprehensive examination will be provided during spring semester 2020.

EDSP 5093 Course fee

Attention students in the teacher of students with visual impairments' program and orientation and mobility specialist's program:

Effective Fall semester 2012, all students who register for EDSP 5093, Internship in Special Education, who are not covered by a grant, will pay a course fee of $750.00 in addition to the tuition cost of the course. This money will cover costs incurred by the university internship supervisor's expenses, who will observe you teach.

University Scholarships

Apply now for Texas Tech University scholarships at www.scholarships.ttu.edu. This application will get you considered for academic and need based scholarships, but your college or department is probably using this application too! Maximize your scholarship opportunities by completing the Current Student Scholarship Application.

Reach Across Texas Application Information

Learn more about the Reach Across Texas program.

Financial Aid for Students With Disabilities

OnlineSchools.org has compiled a list of financial aid options for students with disabilities. View the complete guide here.

News & Events

Dr. Pogrund awarded Corinne Kirchner Research Award

Dr. Rona Pogrund, Ph.D.

The Corinne Kirchner Research Award honors those whose leadership and dedication illuminate the most pressing needs of people with vision loss through timely, innovative, and authoritative research. The 2022 recipients are the three members of the research team comprised of Rona Pogrund, Ph.D., TSVI, COMS; Shannon Darst, Ph.D., TSVI, COMS; and Michael Munro, Ph.D., TSVI; whose work culminated in the Visual Impairment Scale of Service Intensity of Texas (VISSIT). Dr. Pogrund is a Professor and Coordinator of the TSVI Program at Texas Tech University, Dr. Darst is the Program Facilitator for the Visual Impairment Program at Stephen F. Austin State University, and Dr. Munro is the Visual Impairment Consultant in Region 6 Educational Service Center of Texas. Their groundbreaking work is changing the way itinerant vision professionals determine the appropriate type and amount of service each student with a visual impairment should receive.

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