Texas Tech University

Information about the Application Process for Certification students

    Go to the Graduate School admissions page and follow the instructions to apply to the Graduate School. There is a $75 application fee to apply to the University, and it can be completed online. You do not need GRE scores to apply for a certification program or for a Master's Degree in Special Education. You will need to have all of your other official college transcripts sent in to the Graduate School. Select Teaching Certificate in College of Education for the first question, “Select your major”. (Even if you already have your teacher's certification). Then on question #3 when you are asked “major area of interest” you can write in VI or O&M. Grad School Admissions # if you need assistance is 806-742-2787.
    If you are a Texas resident and plan on working in Texas in an educational setting once you have completed the program, you can apply for the Reach Across Texas Program which is a competitive scholarship program that helps with the cost of tuition. Complete the Reach Across Texas application. Deadlines for consideration are: for Spring semester, November 1st, for Summer semester, April 15th, and for Fall semester, June 1st.
  3. If you want to apply to the MASTER'S DEGREE PROGRAM in Special Education, you will need to complete the online application. View the Special Education Master's Handbook for information about the Master's Program. If you apply for the M.Ed. in Special Education in VI or O&M, we can do an Add Program Form for the VI or O&M certification program once you are admitted for the M.Ed. You will need to make sure your status in the Graduate School is for both a Master's Degree Program and for Certification.

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