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What is TechTeach?

TechTeach is a clinically intensive, competency based program designed to prepare teachers who will improve the academic achievement of K-12 students. It is among the first in the nation to combine intense, clinical experiences with opportunities to dramatically improve effective teaching behaviors in order to impact student learning.

New teacher candidates will start working in classrooms in the first semester, work closely with mentors to improve the achievement of their students throughout the program, and receive support and specific feedback aimed at improving their teaching behaviors. Course work during the program is practical, and designed to prepare teacher candidates to implement teaching that impacts student learning.

Key features of TechTeach

There are four key features of TechTeach that set it apart from other programs, and in combination make this experience so powerful.

  • TechTeach uses the TAP rubric to clearly define effective instructional behaviors, and provide concrete ways for teacher candidates to improve.
  • TechTeach candidates begin working in classrooms in the first semester and begin student teaching one full semester earlier than other programs.
  • TechTeach candidates use state of the art digital technology to capture and review their own instruction. Starting in the first semester, candidates use their own video footage for evaluation and improvement.
  • TechTeach candidates work in partner districts alongside an experienced, handpicked mentor teacher committed to the professional growth of their teacher candidate. Co-teaching involves working together to plan, carry out, evaluate and adjust instruction in whole-group and small-group settings.

Looking for TechTeach Across Texas?

TechTeach Across Texas

TechTeach Across Texas is our fast-track one year teacher prep program, available through online courses and partnerships with school districts all around the state.

To see if this program is available in your area, visit our TechTeach Across Texas page.

To learn more about our on-campus program in Lubbock, read on!

Benefits of TechTeach

TechTeach will provide our candidates with instructional tools that will give them experience beyond that of a first or second year beginning teacher. The instructional program and clinical experience surpasses that of any other teacher education program.

Interested in Teaching?

Are you interested in teaching but not sure what degree you should pursue in order to teach your preferred level of student? We've put together a handy chart to help your decision-making process: Download the Degree Chart

You can also contact our recruiter for more information:

Jaycee Syra
Undergraduate Recruiter


The College of Education scholarships are supported by over sixty endowments and gifts given to the college to help support our students. Our College of Education scholarship office awarded over $400,000 in scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. We also offer a large number of scholarships specifically for TechTeach candidates in their second semester of student teaching. TechTeach scholarships are awarded based on need and performance during their early semesters in the program.

For questions about College of Education scholarships please visit the contact the scholarship coordinator at educ.scholarships@ttu.edu.

For information on university scholarships offered at Texas Tech University please visit scholarships.ttu.edu.

More information is available on the TechTeach Financial Aid and College of Education Scholarships and Financial Aid pages.

Study Abroad

The College of Education sponsors two Study Abroad Experiences for our future educators. Students can participate in study abroad experiences after completion of two long semesters at Texas Tech.

Learn more about our Study Abroad Experiences

Study Abroad 2012

Salamanca Spain

Dr. Comfort Pratt leads a study abroad trip to Salamanca, Spain. In Salamanca, the students take Spanish language and culture classes daily at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, work in two trilingual schools and participate in excursions to Madrid, Toledo and Segovia.

For more information please contact Dr. Comfort Pratt via email at c.pratt@ttu.edu.

Dominican Republic

Drs. Button and Johnson lead a Maymester Study Abroad trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic. The students live with Dominican families during their stay, work daily in a bilingual school, attend an evening university course with local Dominican teachers and participate in excursions to the rain forest in Jarabacoa, the beaches in Puerto Plata, and local museums in Santiago.

For more information please contact Dr. Kathryn Button via email at kathryn.button@ttu.edu.

City Year Boston

City Year student in front of Brighton High School in Boston

Students participating in City Year Boston spend a year helping students in high-need schools to get the support they need to graduate and succeed. Participants assist schools and districts by serving as academic support as well as mentor figures for students who need help to get back on track or stay on track to graduate.

Learn more about City Year Boston

Future Teachers Learning Community

On the Texas Tech campus, a Learning Community houses a group of students on one or more floors of a residence hall with an academic unit focus such as health sciences, architecture, fine arts or a common interest such as first year experience. All share a common goal of creating an educational environment that brings educators and students together to enhance student learning.

The College of Education supports the Future Teachers Learning Community located on the second and third floors of the Hulen dormitory. The Future Teachers Learning Community is open to all students who are interested in pursuing teacher certification.

Register for housing online at the housing website.

Future Teachers Learning Community

Apply to Texas Tech University

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First time first-year students will need to complete the first-year application and transfer students will need to complete the transfer application on the Undergraduate Admissions site.

Students in the College of Education will need to select Multidisciplinary Studies as their major. Students interested other majors with teacher certification will need to refer to the degree chart to select the correct major when applying.

Download the Degree Chart

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Prospective students can visit the university throughout the year. Please visit the admissions website for more information and to set up your campus visit today.