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RAIDER Teach is an alternative pathway to a teaching certificate based on the highly-accredited TechTeach program.

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Location Program Contact District Partners
Dallas/Fort Worth ✔ RAIDER Teach Joseph Stiles
  • Grand Prairie ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD
West Texas ✔ RAIDER Teach Yvonne Cásares Khan
  • Lubbock ISD
  • Snyder ISD
  • Amarillo ISD
Central Texas & Hill Country ✔ RAIDER Teach Michele Hicks
  • Marble Falls ISD
  • Fredericksburg ISD
  • La Vega ISD
  • Lorena ISD

Don't see the school district you are interested in listed here? Talk with an advisor to explore additional district-based options.

What is RAIDER Teach?

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RAIDER Teach is Texas Tech's high-quality, university-based teacher certification option.

RAIDER is an acronym that stands for Rapid Access Instructional Degree for Educator Readiness.

RAIDER Teach is modeled after our award-winning, nationally-recognized TechTeach educator preparation program.

RAIDER Teach provides a path to teacher certification along with the option of completing a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

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Certification Options

  Middle Level
Grades 4-8
Grades 7-12
Social Studies

Who can apply to RAIDER Teach?

If you hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, earned at least a 2.75 GPA and passed the TExES PACT exam, and want to change the world as a highly skilled educator, we invite you to apply.

Why RAIDER Teach?

  • The quality of a university-based certification program with the convenience of completing course requirements in your region of the state
  • Earn a Master's Degree with only 18 additional hours of coursework post certification
  • Paid residency
  • Eligible for Financial Aid
  • High demand for Texas Tech trained educators statewide
  • Put your Bachelor's Degree to work in a high need field where you can make an impact

Ready to apply to RAIDER Teach?

Your next steps include: 

  1. Contact a Recruiter/Advisor for program information 
  2. Pass the TExES PACT exam in your content area prior to admission. tx.nesinc.com
  3. Apply to the Graduate School at Texas Tech University 
  4. Submit bachelor's degree transcripts to advisor for review
  5. Apply for FAFSA if you are interested in Financial Aid 

Ready to get started? Fill out this short form and our advisors will connect you with your regional site coordinator and answer any questions you have about RAIDER Teach!

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I'm an international student. Can I participate in RAIDER Teach?

Can non-US Citizens Apply?

Definitely! Most hiring districts will require you to have social security number to apply. There are special requirements to meet, but we can help you understand these.

Learn more about Non-US Citizens and Degrees from outside the US.

Are degrees from outside the US accepted?

You can still apply, and we will provide guidance on if the TOEFL test is necessary for you.

Learn more about the TOEFL test and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is RAIDER Teach offered/available?

  • The RAIDER Teach program is currently available in the following partnership districts:
Grand Prairie Fort Worth Fredericksburg Marble Falls
Hill Country area Lubbock Snyder Waco
  • If you are interested in teaching in a rural district in the Lubbock area, please contact your recruiter/advisor for information (Ex. Muleshoe, Brownfield)

Who do I contact with questions?

What is the deadline to apply?

  • Students should apply early for consideration as space is limited in each location. Applications to the graduate school should be received no later than May 1st for consideration. Is financial aid available?
  • Yes, students participating in the Raider Teach certification program are seeking certification and a potential master's degree and are therefore eligible for Financial Aid including loans, grants and scholarships. Students applying for financial aid should apply for the current year and the following year to ensure the summer term is funded.

Students will be eligible for the TEACH grant, which could fund up to $8000 per year.

Where do I apply?

How long is the program?

  • The RAIDER certification will take 12 months to complete. Students should be prepared to complete some requirements (field experience, exam preparation) prior to admission. Admitted candidates will take 12 hours in the summer beginning in June and then complete a paid internship in the Fall (Aug –Dec) and Spring ( Jan-May). Candidates would then be eligible for certification with the opportunity to complete the remaining 18 hours of the Master's degree on their own timeline.

What is the cost?

  • Approximately $8,000 for tuition. Check with your potential district about tuition support, or stipends for completing the master's degree.

What certification options are available?

  • RAIDER Teach is focused on middle level and secondary content areas for certification.
  • The Intern Certificate offers you immediate classroom experience as a full-time full-salary teacher. Before you enter the classroom you are required to pass a subject area proficiency exam, complete coursework and 30 hours of classroom observations.

Can I start at any time?

  • RAIDER Teach is summer start program with the internship in the Fall and Spring terms.

How do I send my transcript?

Do I get paid while I'm teaching?

  • Yes, you are hired on an Intern certificate and will be the teacher of record for the internship year. This means that you are hired by the district with full pay and benefits while completing the RAIDER Teach program.

When am I fully certified?

  • You will be eligible for standard certification when you successfully complete all coursework and internship requirements at the end of the Spring semester.

What is an Intern Certificate?

  • There are two types of classroom experience in the state of Texas. One is clinical teaching or student teaching,and the other is an internship. Generally, students completing clinical teaching are not paid while completing the experience requirements and have no state certificate while completing the year of student teaching. Internship candidates are hired by the district and must, therefore, hold a license to teach. This is the intern certificate. Once you meet all admission requirements, your advisor will support you in applying for the intern certificate. Once your year is successfully completed, you will apply for a standard certificate that will remain with you throughout your teaching career.

What type of background check is required?

Is Clinical Teaching an Option?

  • At this time RAIDER Teach is focused on a full-year internship. However, if you feel completing student teaching rather than being the teacher of record during your training is important for your success, please discuss with your advisor for more information on available options in your location.

Will I have an immediate job?

  • Yes, if you follow the internship pathway, you are hired by the local school district as the Teacher of Record and you will receive TRS credit, full benefits and first year teacher pay.

Can you help me pass the certification exam?