Texas Tech University

Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Jesse Perez Mendez Dean  jp.mendez@ttu.edu  
Bret Hendricks Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) bret.hendricks@ttu.edu  
Shirley Matteson Associate Dean for Research and Faculty/Staff Development (ADR) shirley.matteson@ttu.edu  
Aubrea Pool Dean's Executive Associate aubrea.pool@ttu.edu 834-4404

Finance and Business Services

Becky Perez Director of Finance becky.perez@ttu.edu 834-8877
Lyndsey Crawford Senior Accountant lyndsey.e.crawford@ttu.edu 834-2923
Wendi Weitman Senior Accountant wendi.weitman@ttu.edu 834-3776

Development and Scholarships

For information about making a donation to the college, visit our Alumni and Friends page.

For information about available scholarships and financial aid, visit our Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

Kallie Barley Assistant Director of Development kallie.barley@ttu.edu 834-5806
Alejandra Padgett Business Coordinator alepadge@ttu.edu 834-7551

Communications and Marketing

To request submit news items to the communications team or to request marketing/promotional materials, please submit the appropriate form on the Marketing Department Services Requests page.

Lauren Brownell Director lauren.brownell@ttu.edu 834-5188
Robert Stein Media Relations Specialist robert.stein@ttu.edu 834-7758

Student Services

Donna Brasher Unit Assoc. Director donna.brasher@ttu.edu 834-2518
Karen Noles Unit Coordinator karen.noles@ttu.edu 834-5706
John Gaston Academic Specialist john.r.gaston@ttu.edu 834-6249

Technology Support Services

For technical support (including printer ink refills), email techsupport.educ@ttu.edu or call 806-742-1319.

For website and digital signage requests, email neil.knauth@ttu.edu.

Glen Mullins Director glen.mullins@ttu.edu  
Chris Solis IT Support Technician II chris.solis@ttu.edu  
Joseph Vermillion IT Support Technician II joseph.vermillion@ttu.edu  
Darren Rogers IT Support Technician II darren.rogers@ttu.edu  
Neil Knauth Web & Social Media Manager neil.knauth@ttu.edu 834-3762

Assessment, Accreditation & Data

Gilbert Castillo Director, College Assessment and Accreditation gilcasti@ttu.edu  
 Jessi Collins Data Analyst jessi.collins@ttu.edu  834-3449

Undergraduate Advising

For information about the advising process, visit our Undergraduate Advising page.

To set up an appointment with your advisor, visit strive.ttu.edu.

For more information about who to contact with undergraduate questions, visit our Who to Contact page.

Shiloh Burns Undergraduate Recruiter shiloh.burns@ttu.edu 834-4383
Christopher Corona Academic Advisor christopher.corona@ttu.edu 834-0887
Chris Covarrubio Academic Advisor chris.covarrubio@ttu.edu 834-3957
Cheryl Shaffer Academic Advisor cheryl.shaffer@ttu.edu 834-3404
Zinab Muñoz Site Coordinator: Dallas/Ft. Worth 2+1 zinab.munoz@ttu.edu  
Michele Hicks Site Coordinator: Hill Country/San Antonio 2+1 michele.hicks@ttu.edu  

Sponsored Programs

Tena Gonzales Unit Assoc. Director tena.gonzales@ttu.edu 834-0840
Mary Rodriguez Senior Accountant mary.rodriguez@ttu.edu 834-7658
Lisa Dion Senior Accountant lisa.dion@ttu.edu 834-2386

Graduate Advising - Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment

For general information about the graduate admissions and/or enrollment process, email gradrecruitment.educ@ttu.edu.

Bret Hendricks Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) bret.hendricks@ttu.edu  
Pam Smith Section Supervisor pam.smith@ttu.edu 834-2969
Brandi Stephens Graduate Advisor brandi.stephens@ttu.edu 834-4554
Beth Watson Graduate Advisor  beth.watson@ttu.edu 834-0429
Ciarra Galindo Graduate Advisor ciarra.galindo@ttu.edu 834-0861
L.J. Gould Graduate Advisor lj.gould@ttu.edu 834-4224

Curriculum & Instruction

Jeong-Hee Kim Department Chair jeong-hee.kim@ttu.edu 834-6075
Teresa Neal Admin. Business Assistant teresa.neal@ttu.edu 834-2733

Educational Psychology & Leadership

Kamau Siwatu Department Chair kamau.siwatu@ttu.edu 834-5850
Ruby Gonzales Admin. Business Assistant ruby.gonzales@ttu.edu 834-0398

Teacher Education Department

Doug Hamman Department Chair doug.hamman@ttu.edu 834-4113
Robin Rekieta Admin. Business Assistant robin.rekieta@ttu.edu 834-1322
Tami Jenkins Prof. Development Facilitator tamara.jenkins@ttu.edu 834-4328
Sherre Heider Prof. Development Facilitator sherre.heider@ttu.edu 834-2620