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For questions about graduation please refer to the links below. If you have specific questions about your degree requirements for graduation, please contact your advising staff.

Important Notes Regarding Commencement

  • All information regarding Texas Tech University's Commencement is sent to TTU email addresses only, no exceptions.
  • Commencement information is released by timeline established by Texas Tech University's Office of the Provost.
  • Commencement Website – general information regarding Texas Tech University commencement ceremony and regalia. Maps, parking and FAQs are also included.
  • Graduates who are also receiving Teacher Certification will be invited to the College of Education Induction Ceremony – typically scheduled prior to graduation. Here, you will receive cords to be worn with your regalia during Commencement. You must be present to receive these cords.

Minimum hours for degree – Successful completion of 120 hours of college credit. Specific degree requirements are based on degree plans.

Foreign Language requirement – Met by official documentation of 2 years of high school foreign language credit (same language – official transcript required) or 2 semesters of College foreign language credit (same language – shown as credit on College transcript). Under specific conditions CLEP scores may be accepted.

Transfer Credit – Texas Tech University accepts a total of 90 transfer hours but only 72 hours from a two year institution. Official transcripts are required and not all hours may be applicable towards degree requirements. A minimum of 48 credit hours from Texas Tech is required.

Existing Associates Degree and/or Core Complete – Completed associate degrees and completed core curriculum must be clearly stated on official transcripts for credit to be applied.

Honors – To be eligible for honors, students must have completed a minimum of 48 hours at Texas Tech University. The required 48 hours must be completed prior to a student's final term in order for the honor to be printed in the Commencement Program, no exceptions. An honors designation is calculated based on PURE TTU GPA which includes all grades, even replacements.

  • CUM LAUDE 3.5 – 3.69
  • MAGNA CUM LAUDE 3.7 – 3.89
  • SUMMA CUM LAUDE 3.9 – 4.0

If end of term grades change your pure TTU GPA thereby affecting your honor status, the honor status will be updated in the online Commencement Program and shown accordingly during commencement.

Notification of Honors – letters will be sent via TTU email one month prior to commencement. This letter will allow you to purchase your honor cord at the Lubbock Campus Bookstore. Honor Cords will also be available prior to commencement at check-in.

Name on Diploma – Your legal name will be printed on your diploma. You have the choice of selecting your full middle name or your middle initial. If you've married and/or changed your legal name, Texas Tech University requires this form to be submitted with your new Social Security Card reflecting those changes.

Pending College Credit – Official transcripts MUST be RECEIVED and POSTED within 10 days of the commencement ceremony. Students must submit a completed Pending Transcript Petition that clearly states the Name of the University/College where credit is to be completed; the name & number of the course(s) and date of completion. Students may obtain a Pending Transcript Petition form from their academic advisor. (Should credit not be received and posted or course(s) are dropped students will be required to file another intent to graduate for the following semester and enroll in the minimum 1 hour at TTU as required.)

Commencement Participation – All degree requirements must be completed to participate in Texas Tech University's commencement ceremony. Students may petition to participate in the commencement ceremony IF they are lacking no more than 3 attempted hours to degree completion. Students receiving failing grades in their final term is an example of attempted hours. Students lacking more than 3 attempted hours to meet degree requirements will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony, no exceptions. Students wishing to petition to participate in the commencement ceremony must contact their Academic Advisor as soon as possible.

Posting/Awarding Degrees – ALL final grades must be submitted and posted in order for a degree to be awarded.
Recommendation for Certification - completed once Degree has been awarded.

NOTE: Students must apply for certification through TEA in order to be recommended.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact your academic advisor.