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Education Preparation Courses

Program courses are “linked” so you must register for all of the courses in a particular section. If you are in Blocks 2, 3 or 4, your Site Coordinator will email you the CRNs for your classes. Block 1 students will be sent information from their advisors.

How do I register?

Under the MyTech tab in Raiderlink click on Add/Drop. Enter the CRN numbers for the courses you are registering for and click submit.

When can I register?

Registration is based on your completed hours. Please consult your Academic Transcript on Raiderlink. You can also click on “Registration Status” on your MyTech tab.

How do I look up classes?

Under the MyTech tab you can use “Look Up Classes” or use Schedule Builder. Be sure to note the CRN for the courses you want to take.

My registration date is incorrect!

Please remember that the courses you're currently enrolled in do not count towards your total number of completed hours. Consult your Academic Transcript on Raiderlink for the total number of hours you have completed. If your registration date is incorrect, please contact your advisor for further assistance.

I don't have a time ticket

Please call our office at 806-834-3879, and we will be able to assist you with this issue.

Do I need to see an advisor before I register?

You are required to meet with your advisor each semester of your first and second undergraduate years. You will also be required to meet with your advisor during your first semester of the Teacher Education Program.

I have a HOLD on my account

Click on “View Holds” or “Registration Status” and contact the appropriate office for more information on your hold. Your advisor can only remove a hold for the College of Education.

It says prerequisite error, but I've taken them all.

This is generally because you have not been issued a TEP code in the banner system. Please contact your advisor or 834-3879. This is a code that will allow you to register for education courses.

I want to get into a class, but it is full.

Speak to your advisor, but most likely you will need to register for a different section of the course. If all sections are full and it is an education course, please contact your advisor. If it is a course from another department, you will need to contact the instructor of that course for an “override.”