Texas Tech University

Advising FAQs

How do I make an appointment?

Go to Raider Success Hub to make an appointment.

How long do appointments last?

Appointments last 15 minutes to an hour depending on the purpose of the meeting.

How often do I need to have an appointment?

A meeting with your advisor is recommended at the beginning of each semester. This will allow you to check with your advisor to make sure you are on track for graduation. You can meet with your advisor anytime if you have questions or just need to chat about your program.

How many classes can I take in the Summer?

12 hours is considered full-time for summer.

How do I choose my focus area?

Choose your specialization based on the type of student that you would most like to work with. You will be working with a general population of students with your EC-6 certification.

The ESL specialization will give you skills to work with students that are learning English because English is not their first language. The skills learned in this program are master teaching skills that will help you to work with any struggling student.

Special Education will give you skills and knowledge to work with students who have mild to severe disorders. You will be trained to work with children that range from mild learning disabilities in an inclusion classroom to severe cognitive and behavior disorders in self-contained classrooms.

The Bilingual specialization will allow you to work with students that are learning first in their native language, Spanish. Some students are in “dual-language” programs are others are in a progressive program. You must be able to read, write and speak in Spanish to be successful in this program.

The Math/Science specialization is not an additional certificate, but is a great strength to have in order to work with schools today. Many schools are struggling in the areas of math and/or science and need strong teachers to strengthen the skill set at their campuses.

What if I get a D in one of my classes but I still have a 2.75 GPA?

All content and education courses must be passed with a C or above. If you receive a grade below C, the course must be retaken and a passing score achieved before you can continue to the next block.

When do I register?

You register according to the timeline issued by the University. Check your MyTech tab on Raiderlink for more information.

Where do I go if I just have a quick question?

It is sometimes difficult to just ask a quick question of your advisor as they usually are busy with appointments. However, if their door is open and no one is in the office you can generally get your question answered by your advisor. You can always email to get a response to a quick question as well. If your question is specifically about your courses and requirements, you really need to speak to your advisor. If your question is about the program requirements or other you can email educ.advisors@ttu.edu

Can I start my blocks in the Spring?

No. TechTeach is a Fall start only.

How do I know who my advisor is?

Advisors are assigned alphabetically for on-campus students or by location for TechTeach Across Texas students.

What does an advisor do?

Advisors work with students to determine their plan for completing the requirements for graduation and certification in a timely manner. Advisors also help students to navigate through issues as they may arise and to be an advocate for the student when needed.

What do I do if my advisor is not available?

Your advisor is available by appointment. If your advisor is out for an extended time, he/she will make arrangements for you to meet with someone else. You will be notified via email and by auto reply on the email system.

Can I change my advisor?

No. If you have a problem with your advisor, please contact donna.brasher@ttu.edu for assistance.

Where can I find my degree plan?

You are given a copy of your degree plan from you advisor the first time that you meet to set up your courses. If you misplace your plan, you can always check with your advisor to get a copy.

What should I bring to an advising session?

You should bring your degree plan, something to write with, and any questions that you might have.

What do I talk about with my advisor?

It really depends on the purpose for your advising appointment. Generally, you will talk about the courses that you need to take or are currently taking and about staying on track for graduation. You can talk to your advisor about anything though. They have lots of information to share and can point you in the right direction to get many questions answered.

How do I drop a class?

Check with your advisor before you drop a class to see how this will affect completion of your degree. Use the add/drop menu in Raiderlink to drop a course. You cannot drop to zero without visiting the Registrar's office.

When do I apply for blocks?

You apply the semester before you plan to begin the Teacher Education Program. So, you should apply the second semester of your sophomore year for Elementary and Middle Level. Secondary level should apply the first semester of their junior year.

When do I take the TExES exam?

The TExES exam is the state required exam for certification in your field. You must take and pass the content area of your exam the semester before student teaching. You will also take the PPR and specialization TExES exams during your student teaching semesters.