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Aliza S. Wong

Professor and Director, American Academy in Rome
Modern Italy and the Mediterranean, Race and Nationalism, and Diaspora

Email: Aliza.Wong@ttu.edu

Office: 103B Humanities

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder

Aliza S. Wong has been teaching for the Department of History at Texas Tech University since 2001. She joined the faculty in a tenure-track position in 2002. She has taught a number of courses in the department including undergraduate seminars such as Europe and World War II, Nationalism in Europe, Popular Culture and History, History of Italian Fascism, and the History of the Italian Mafia, and graduate seminars on such topics as Cultural Theory and History, Diaspora and Immigration, and the History of the European Right. A dedicated teacher, Dr. Wong has been honored with several teaching awards including the Phi Alpha Theta Distinguished Faculty Award (2003-2004 and 2006-2007), the Hemphill-Wells New Faculty Teaching Award (2004-2005), the Mortar Board Society's Outstanding Faculty Award (2005-2006), the Alumni Association New Faculty Award (2005-2006), and the President's Excellence in Teaching Award (2006-2007). Dr. Wong is also a member of the Teaching Academy at Texas Tech University. Aliza Wong serves as the Director of European Studies and is a senator on the Faculty Senate.

Dr. Wong is a specialist in modern Italian history with a concentration on southern question discourse, race, nationalism, and identity. Her book, Race and Nation in Liberal Italy, 1861-1911: Meriodionalism, Empire, and Diaspora is available from Palgrave-Macmillan. She has also produced several articles and reviews. Dr. Wong's research interests have extended to work on diasporic systems and she has both published and presented papers on the immigrant communities in Italy. Dr. Wong has presented several papers including ones at the American Historical Association national conference and the American Political Science Association national conference. She has also presented in international conferences in places such as Cambridge, England, Hong Kong, Paris, France, and Cosenza, Italy. Dr. Wong is currently working on her second book, an examination of Italian constructions of the American Far West.

Dr. Wong has been the fortunate recipient of many fellowships and awards. Most recently, Aliza Wong was awarded with a Fulbright Junior Scholar Award to Italy (2005-2006) of which generally only one is awarded annually. She has been the fortunate recipient of several national and international research awards, including an earlier Fulbright student research fellowship to Italy (1999-2000).

Aliza S. Wong

Select Publications

Race and the Nation in Liberal Italy, 1861-1911: Meridionalism, Empire, and Diaspora

Race and the Nation in Liberal Italy, 1861-1911: Meridionalism, Empire, and Diaspora by Dr. Aliza WongRace and Nation in Liberal Italy, 1861-1911 examines the development of Italian southern question discourse based on the perceived cultural, political, and economic divide between north and south. This book describes the resonance of meridionalism and how the familiarity of its language lent itself to other discussions of difference--the racialization of the southern question and its appropriation by criminal anthropologists in constructing biological hierarchies; the comparisons between the conquest of Africa and the internal colonization of the south; and the establishment of a southern Italian diaspora whose unique racial characteristics could lead to a possible new form of imperialism in South America.

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