Texas Tech University

Spanish Faculty

Dr. Idoia Elola


Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2005



Courses Commonly Taught

  • Issues in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language
  • Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • Spanish Language and Linguistics: SLA and L2 writing
  • Second and Foreign Language Composition
  • Theoretical and Research Foundations of Second Language Teaching
  • Seminar in Language Instruction: Speaking


  • Director of the Spanish & Portuguese Division
  • Director of the Seville Study Abroad Program
  • Co-director of the Seville Study Abroad program in Seville
  • Coordinator & Supervisor of the Study Abroad Program in Seville

Areas of Research

  • Second Language Writing
  • Feedback & Revision
  • Collaborative Writing and Social Tools
  • Spanish Heritage Language Learners

Edited Monograph

  • Kessler, G., Oskoz, A. & Elola, I. (2012). Technology across writing contexts and tasks. CALICO Monograph Series, volume 10, San Marcos, Texas.


Refereed Articles Authored or Co-authored
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Edited Book
  • Kessler, G., Oskoz, A. & Elola, I. (2012). Technology across writing contexts and tasks. CALICO Monograph Series, volume 10, San Marcos, Texas.
Refereed Chapters Authored or Co-authored
  • Elola , I. & Oskoz, A. (forthcoming). Writing Collaboratively in the Twenty-First Century. In
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Awards and Honors

  • Representative of the College of Arts & Sciences for the Teaching Academy Advisory Committee
  • Nominated for Teaching Award in Creativity
  • TTU Teaching Academy member (inducted)
  • Texas Tech Alumni Association New Faculty Award
  • Recipient of the ACTFL-MLJ Emma Marie Birkmaier Award for Doctoral Dissertation Research in Foreign Language Education
  • Inducted in Sigma Delta Pi, National Hispanic Honor Society, Texas Tech University
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, University of Iowa