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Dr. Idoia Elola

Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2005




Idoia Elola is Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures at Texas Tech University, the Spanish Academic Director for the Seville Study Abroad program at the Texas Tech University in Seville Spain and Interim Director of the Spanish Heritage Language program.

Dr. Elola also has several editorial positions. Since 2020, she is the Editor-in-Chief of System and oversees the selection and publication of cutting-edge research in the field of the application of educational technology and applied linguistics to problems of foreign language teaching and learning. In the last year the journal has a cite score of 4.2 and an impact factor of 3.16. She is also, since 2011, a Board editorial member at RESLA.

Dr. Elola's research focuses primarily on (digital) second language writing, such as collaborative and individual writing using social tools, digital literacies, and the use of multimodal texts (digital stories, story maps, blogs) from cognitive and sociocultural perspectives. She is currently working on the following projects:

  • The use of multimodal texts for discovering foreign language and Spanish heritage language learners' voices on identity, intercultural competence, and perspective on social justice. (Classroom-based research with Dr. Raychel Vasseur and a team of graduate students from TTU)
  • The comparison in the use of the combination of collaborative writing and peer feedback versus individual writing with the Universidad Pública de Navarra. (Classroom-based research with Dr. Raychel Vasseur and Dr. Camino Bueno)
  • Spanish Heritage program directors', teachers', and students' perspectives and practices on (digital) writing. (Classroom-based research with Dr. Ariana Mikulski from Penn State University and Dr. Ana Padial from Kennesaw University).

Her work has been published nationally and internationally in journals such as Journal of Second Language Writing, Foreign Language Annals, Hispania, Language Learning & Technology, CALICO and RESLA, as well as in edited books. She has two co-edited books: Current theoretical and applied perspectives on Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics (John Benjamins Publishing Company)  and Technology across writing contexts and tasks (CALICO Press). Her co-authored book, L2 Digital writing, with her long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Ana Oskoz, in Equinox Press.

For her collective efforts in teaching, research and service, Dr. Elola has received numerous awards and a professorship, including the Texas Tech University President's Excellence in Teaching Professorship, the Arts and Sciences Teaching Award, the President's Teaching Excellence Award, Integrated Scholar, and the Global Vision Haragan Award for Study Abroad.

Research Interests

L2 writing, Digital L2 and Spanish Heritage language writing/composing, (Digital) Collaborative writing, (Digital) Feedback; Multimodal Texts, Writers' cognitive processes, Linguistic Landscapes

Courses Taught

Graduate Courses:
L2 writing, Multiliteracies: Writing, Second Language Acquisition, Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish Applied Linguistics, Instructional SLA: Speaking & Writing

Undergraduate Courses:
Writing multiliteracies in context, Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, Spanish Applied Linguistics, Intermediate Advanced Grammar, Spanish Composition, Advanced Language Skills, Spanish Life and Culture


Oskoz, A, & Elola, I. (2020). Digital L2 Writing Literacies. London, UK: Equinox Press.

Edited Books

Pacual y Cabo, D., & Elola, I. (2020). Current theoretical and applied perspectives on Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics. Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Kessler, G., Oskoz, A., & Elola, I. (2012). Technology across writing contexts and tasks. CALICO Monograph Series, vol. 10, San Marcos, TX: CALICO.

Special Issues

[In progress] Elola, I., & Vasseur, R. (Eds.). L2/HL Writing and Technology. Languages.

[In progress] Elola, I., & Oskoz, A. (Eds.). Processes, practices, and products of multimodal texts in the L2 classroom. Frontiers in Education.

Selected Refereed Chapters

Wilkinson, K., Elola, I., & Partida, G. (accepted). Media, Linguistics and Translanguaging on the South Plains of Texas. Communicative Spaces in Bilingual Contexts: Discourses, Synergies and Counterflows in Spanish and English. Routledge.

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Elola, I., Padial, A., & Guerrero, P.(2021). Social tools in the HL classroom: Constructing learners' identities as multiliterate individuals. In J. Torres and D. Pascual (Eds.), Aproximaciones al estudio del español como lengua de herencia. London, UK: Routledge.

Elola, I., & Prada, J. (2020). Developing critical sociolinguistic awareness through linguistic landscapes: the case of Spanish in Texas. In D. Malinowski, S. Dubreil, and H. Maxim (Eds.), Language Teaching in the Linguistic Landscape. Springer.

Elola, I., & Oskoz, A. (2019). Using blogs and wikis to enhance cultural dialogue in the FL classroom. In N. Arnold & L. Ducate (Eds.), Engaging language learners through CALL: From theory and research to informed practice (pp. 240–266). San Marcos, TX: CALICO.

Elola, I., Nakatsukasa, K., & Tecedor, M. (2018). Developing academic literacy and researchers' identities: The case of multilingual graduate students. Special issue of the L2 Journal, Living Literacies: L2 Learning, Textuality, and Social Life.

Selected Refereed Articles

Mikulski, A., Elola, I, Padial, A, & Berry, G. (2019). Written Feedback in Heritage Spanish Classrooms: A National Survey of Students and Educators. RESLA

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Elola, I., & Mikulski, A. (2016). Similar and/or different writing processes?
A study of Spanish foreign language and heritage language learners. Hispania, 99(1), 87–102.


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