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Graduate Studies in Spanish Literature & Cultural Studies

The Spanish Literature & Cultural Studies track focuses on literary and cultural studies while integrating a variety of theoretical frameworks and interdisciplinary approaches that reflect the research and teaching interests of our dynamic and professionally active faculty. As a community of active scholars, we strive to offer to all our graduate students the opportunity for intellectual growth, for the development of critical and analytical skills, for the acquisition of a theoretical foundation for their work, and for the attainment of their professional development as teachers.

In our M.A. program, we strive to provide our students with a comprehensive knowledge of major fields of expertise in the discipline through a curriculum that will encourage them to learn broadly and think deeply.

At the doctoral level, we endeavor to help our students build on that comprehensive knowledge as they strengthen their theoretical framework and achieve a more advanced level of expertise in a chosen area of research in which they will make a contribution to the field through their doctoral dissertations.

Courses are taught in these main areas: Peninsular Literatures and Cultural Studies (Golden Age, 18th and 19th-Centuries, and 20th-21st Centuries) and Latin American Literatures and Cultural Studies (Colonial, 19th-Century and 20th-21st Centuries) including Caribbean, U.S. Latinx and Southwest Literatures, and Border Studies.

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  • For detailed information on the PhD in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies track, click here.

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