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Funding Opportunities

Funding Resources for Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Students

Conference Funding Process

This is a somewhat detailed process but is worth doing to receive the funding allocated for you to travel to conferences. Start as soon as you have a conference acceptance letter. You need to first secure a guarantee of funding within the department and then apply for matching funds with the Graduate School. You are allotted $300 for domestic travel and $500 for international travel per academic year from CMLL. This amount will then be matched by the Graduate School. Email CMLL Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Lucas Wood (Lucas.Wood@ttu.edu) with a copy of your conference acceptance letter and all conference information, including the title of your presentation, the full name of the conference, date, location, and supporting institution. Once you have received a confirmation of CMLL funds from Dr. Wood, commence the process of applying for matching funds from the TTU Graduate School. Note that there are five required forms as part of the Graduate School travel funding application process and that all requests must be received at least one month before the travel takes place. For the allocation of funds and the required CMLL travel form, communicate with Theresa Madrid (theresa.l.madrid@ttu.edu). She must receive all domestic travel requests at least two weeks before the travel takes place and all international travel requests at least one month before the event. Payment for conference fees and memberships must be completed in the CMLL office with a departmental card and cannot be reimbursed later if paid for with private funds. Travel funding may not be requested after the travel has taken place.

Internal Funding Opportunities

TTU General Scholarship
Applicants do not have to be officially admitted to a TTU graduate program when applying for our fellowships. Additionally, applying to the Graduate School does not automatically qualify applicants for our fellowships. There is only one application for all student-initiated Graduate School Scholarships and Fellowships. Deadlines are in the Spring of each year for awards for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. Average awards range from $3,000– $5,000/yr. The application process is student-initiated, and there is only one application for all General Fellowships. The application period opens mid-November; the deadline is mid-January. Awards are announced in mid-March. 

Humanities Center Graduate Student Travel Grants

Grants of up to $1000 for travel expenses.

Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Apply in your penultimate year for a fellowship during the final dissertation year. This competitive internal fellowship provides a year of funding without teaching. The application process includes nomination from your advisor and the development of a research statement, personal statement, polished CV, and other documents. Due in February.

Graduate Student Research Support

This program is for Texas Tech University graduate students who are in need of funds to successfully complete their research (thesis/dissertation or non-thesis-based). Funds may only be used for expenses directly related to research (e.g., supplies, software, access to materials, research-related training, or travel). It is anticipated that there will be two grant cycles during the academic year, one in the fall and one in the spring. This award is disbursed as a scholarship. Variable award amounts of up to $1,500 per award.

Resources on Campus

Office of International Affairs

International Affairs supports and facilitates the international mission of Texas Tech University. It provides services for faculty and students and offers international educational and cultural experiences for the University and community, and is a major contributor to the globalization process of the University and its growing reputation as a major international educational and research center.

Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships/ The Graduate School



The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships will help you find and apply for fellowship opportunities that meet your needs. The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships (OGPF) coordinates the application and award of all fellowships available through The Graduate School. OGPF also will help you find, write, and submit applications for external fellowships. OGPF is responsible for the review and approval of all fellowship/scholarship applications to external agencies, government institutions, private foundations, etc., submitted by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are listed as the principal applicant.

Librarian Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn has a great deal of experience and knowledge in locating external funding opportunities. Schedule an appointment to work one-on-one with him.

Office of Research and Innovation

The Office of Research & Innovation facilitates excellent research, scholarship, and creative activities for all and promotes an academic environment embracing curiosity, innovation, debate, diversity, ethics, and integrity. The office supports responsible and safe conduct of research, faculty development, and recognition, interdisciplinary collaborations, externally sponsored research, partnerships with industry and community, and application of research for the benefit of society.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance for International Students 

Florence Terry Griswold Scholarship

One award of $2,500 for a woman who is a citizen of a Pan-American country (other than the United States). Deadline in January.

Good Neighbor Scholarship Program 

This State of Texas scholarship provides a complete waiver of tuition to eligible international students from countries in the Caribbean and North, Central, and South America. Scholarship winners must still pay all applicable university fees. Applicants compete with other international students from their home countries throughout the state of Texas for a limited number of awards that are given to a certain number of students from each country. Awards are based on academic merit. Competition is intense for these scholarships and final award decisions are made by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, not Texas Tech University.

International Peace Scholarship Fund


Provides scholarships for selected women from other countries for graduate study in the United States and Canada. An applicant must be qualified for admission to full-time graduate study and working toward a graduate degree in an accredited college or university in the United States.

Texas Public Educational Grant

The Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) is for very special situations where there is a critical and compelling need to assist a student who has had a sudden and major financial problem. Only current TTU International students may be awarded. International students must be enrolled full-time during the semester they apply. International students must have completed a year of study at TTU and in Lubbock to be eligible. TPEG grant applications are open from the 1st through the 10th of that award cycle month (September, October, November & February, March, April). Applications submitted after that date (10th) will not normally be considered.

Tuition Assistance for Students of Mexico 

For citizens or permanent residents of Mexico. Tuition assistance allows Mexican nationals to pay in-state tuition and WAIVE out-of-state tuition. This assistance is, therefore, not relevant/applicable to students already receiving a waiver of the non-resident tuition rate. The deadline is always ten days prior to the start of each semester.

Databases for Locating External Fellowships
The process of locating, narrowing down, and applying for fellowships can be time-intensive, and it is an essential part of an academic career. Apply for funding not only because of the financial assistance that it offers but also because fellowships on your CV will make you stand out as a future job candidate. Bring your close reading skills to the task of sifting through the eligibility requirements, and see the campus resources listed above to help select the opportunities that best fit your profile.

Funding Institutional

Funding institutional is the primary, most comprehensive database for finding external funding opportunities. TTU has a membership to allow us to utilize this resource. One shortcoming of the database is that it is challenging to filter by citizenship requirements.

To see models of successful grant applications, click on “Awarded Grants” in Funding Institutional. You can sort by institution.


UCLA's master's database of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and postdoctoral awards is free to search for applicants to any graduate program, to graduate students working on a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, and to postdoc scholars. Allows you to filter search by citizenship eligibility.

University of Illinois Fellowship Finder

The U of IL fellowship search does filter by citizenship requirements and is quite comprehensive in finding opportunities.


A free online database that allows you to filter by citizenship eligibility.




External Fellowships
External fellowships for graduate and postdoctoral studies are available from many organizations outside Texas Tech University, including state and federal agencies, private foundations, non-profit groups, and international organizations. A variety of support is offered, from one-time awards to multi-year support for living expenses, educational fees, conference travel, and/or research for beginning to advanced graduate students and postdoctoral levels. In addition to helping fund your education, external grants and fellowships are a great academic honor and help distinguish your academic scholarship. 

The databases listed above will help to connect you with many more opportunities. Below is a limited selection of fellowships to consider applying for.

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program (DDRA) 

The prestigious DDRA Program provides grants to colleges and universities to fund individual doctoral students who conduct research in other countries, in modern foreign languages and area studies for periods of six to 12 months.

Kenyon College, Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation and Teaching Fellowship

This program is for scholars in the final stages of their doctoral work who need only to finish the dissertation to complete the requirements for the Ph.D. This offers the opportunity to experience living and working for a year at Kenyon, encouraging fellows to consider a liberal arts college as a place to begin their careers as teachers and scholars. Kenyon will provide a stipend of $39,498 plus health benefits, housing (or equivalent allowance), and a small moving allowance. The College will also provide some allowance to cover research, travel to conferences, and professional expenses. The fellow will be provided an office, a networked computer, and secretarial support services. The fellow is expected to write the dissertation and teach one course each semester, usually in the fellow's general research area. 

American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship

ACLS invites research proposals from scholars in all disciplines of the humanities and interpretive social sciences. Six to twelve months devoted to full-time research and/or writing. Maximum award: $60,000. To be completed after receipt of Ph.D.

Mellon Foundation Fellowships



The Predoctoral Research Grants (https://www.ssrc.org/programs/mellon-mays-graduate-initiatives-program/mellon-mays-predoctoral-research-grants/) offer supplementary financial assistance to Mellon fellows to support the completion of their doctoral work. Grants have been designed to allow maximum flexibility, allowing fellows to determine how to best allocate the available funds during their years of eligibility. The SSRC offers three types of predoctoral research grants: the Predoctoral Research Development Grant (PRD), the Graduate Studies Enhancement Grant (GSE), and the Dissertation Completion Grant (DCG).  

Dissertation Grants are available to MMUF fellows enrolled in eligible PhD programs. The grants provide graduate students at the critical ABD stage of their doctoral programs with support to spend a year finishing the writing of the dissertation. The Dissertation Grant offers up to $20,000 for a 12-month period

The Travel and Research Grants provide up to $5,000 for a period of one summer or one semester. Grants may be used to cover dissertation research, travel to/from research sites, and photocopying of documents and/or the purchase of access to databases for research purposes. 

National Endowment for the Humanities



NEH Fellowships are competitive awards granted to individual scholars pursuing projects that embody exceptional research, rigorous analysis, and clear writing. Applications must clearly articulate a project's value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both.

Crossing Latinidades Pre-Doctoral Summer Institute and Year-long Fellowship

Texas Tech is part of the consortium of institutions that participate in this program. The Summer Institute's goal is to equip participants who are already thinking of dissertation ideas with increased competence to enable intellectual innovation and expanded views of the field of Latino Humanities Studies before advancing to candidacy. Emphasis will be placed on exploring and reimagining a comparative framework for Latino Studies that moves beyond the single-nationality paradigm. Participants are required to do a presentation and bring a paper with possible ideas for the proposal on which they would work during the Summer Institute. Following the successful completion of The Summer Institute, participants enter a Mentorship Program during the fall and spring semesters. Participants are expected to have a complete draft of the dissertation proposal by the end of the academic year. Participants in the summer institute will be considered for a year-long, $30,000 fellowship to support their pre-dissertation work.

Dartmouth College, Cesar Chavez Dissertation Fellowship

The César Chávez Fellowships support scholars whose research addresses aspects of Latinx experience and culture. The Chávez Fellows are part of the Provost's Fellowship Program, a multidisciplinary cohort of approximately ten predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars who share a commitment to increasing diversity in their disciplines. Fellows participate together in mentoring and professional development programming, including guidance in preparing for faculty careers.

Humanities Texas

Humanities Texas grants enable communities throughout the state to develop programs of local interest promoting history, culture, and education. Mini-grants fund up to $2,000 of the costs associated with public humanities programs. These small grants—are easy to apply for and administer, and are available on a rolling basis throughout the year. Major grants for community projects fund up to $20,000 of the costs for comprehensive public programs such as lectures, seminars, and conferences; book and film discussions; interpretive exhibitions and materials; town forums and civic discussions; and teacher workshops. Programs should reflect substantial participation by both humanities scholars and members of the target audience(s).

Texas Public Education Grant

The Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) is a program administered by the State of Texas to provide assistance to students with financial need, seeking a first bachelor's degree, graduate degree, or professional degree. Resident and non-resident, undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half-time. The grant may be prorated if enrolled less than full-time. $100-$4,000.

Scholarships for Latinx students

This site contains links to a wide range of opportunities for Hispanic and Latinx students. 

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), General College Scholarships

Awards range from $500-$5,000. Applicants must be of Hispanic heritage and may be undergraduate or graduate students.

Becas LLILAS Benson

Grants of up to $3,000 to support travel to consult the resources in the Benson Collection at the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas in Austin.

Newberry Library Fellowships




Researchers with short-term fellowships spend one to two months investigating specific collection items that are essential to their scholarship at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Open to scholars at the ABD stage and beyond. 

Harry Ransom Center Fellowships 



The Ransom Center's internationally renowned collections encourage and support research in all areas of the humanities including literature, photography, film, art, performing arts, music, cultural history, and interdisciplinary studies.

LASA Travel Grants


Financial assistance to attend the annual Latin American Studies Conference.

Note: Writing for the Profession, SPAN 5301, which will be offered every other year, will address grant writing and look at models of successful grant applications.

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