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Spanish Language Career Opportunities

Possible Careers for Those with a Spanish Degree

Workplace Skills Developed with a Spanish Degree

Did You Know?

  • Spanish is the second most widely spoken native language on Earth after Chinese.
  • After Mexico, the United States has more Spanish speakers than any other country.
  • There are 21 countries in the world that list Spanish as an official language.
  • Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

In almost any job where communication skills are important, a second language is an asset. Parts of the country are bilingual in Spanish and English. For many careers, knowledge of Spanish is a necessity.

Because of the many career opportunities available in today's fast-changing job market, Spanish language studies (including a major or a minor) can be structured with your degree plan in law, medicine, sociology, psychology, business, mass communication, agriculture, or other languages.