Texas Tech University

The Spanish Major

Spanish Major Requirements

Total credits: 30 hours at 2000-level and above

SPAN 2301 & 2302 (or 2607 or CLEP test, or AP credit) 6 credits
SPAN 3305* (Grammar) 3 credits
Two of three Introduction to Hispanic Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics:
SPAN 3306* (Culture)
SPAN 3307* (Literature)
SPAN 3308* (Linguistics) or 3318* (Sounds of Spanish)
6 credits
Four additional 4000-level courses 12 credits
One additional 3000- or 4000-level course 3 credits
  Total = 30 credits
*- Fulfills communication literacy requirement  

For more information or to declare the Spanish major, contact Stephanie Santos, Academic Advisor

For Careers and Workplace Skills from a Spanish Degree, see Benefits of a Spanish Major.

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