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Seville Teaching Award


Interested in becoming a Spanish instructor in Seville?

The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla offers a unique environment for a truly unique Texas Tech teaching experience! This program allows graduate students to spend a semester or summer term teaching Spanish in the beautiful city Seville, Spain. The Assistants will also have the opportunity to learn about the Spanish language and culture and use their experience upon their return to the United States.


  • Professional and personal growth.
  • Housing and travel fees paid.
  • Learning the culture and experience it on the spot.
  • Wonderful asset for the assistant's resume.
  • Intercultural development.


After one successful semester of graduate studies in Spanish, GPTIs may apply for a teaching position for a semester or summer term at the Texas Tech campus in Seville, Spain. 

This teaching appointment is the result of a competitive application process and reserved only for graduate students who demonstrate that they can work well on the Seville campus.

After applications are received, the entire Spanish Faculty discusses the applicants, votes, and agrees on the top candidates. The faculty considers the following:

  • Status in the program: ABDs have a better chance to obtain the position, but only if the student can successfully fulfill the other areas (see below) that are also evaluated. ABDs need to include in the application a written letter from their thesis directors with their approval to apply for the Seville position. If the application does not have the written approval of the thesis director, the application will not be considered.
  • Excellent teaching skills: students' evaluations, teaching observations, ability to teach only in Spanish, being able to promote communicative interactions in the classroom, impartiality when providing grades, professional conduct with students (not fraternizing with their students). If the applicant does not fulfill this requirement, the applicant will not continue to the next step of the process.
  • Good academic standing: grades, showing seriousness in studies and in the MA/PhD courses, and progressing successfully during her/his program and dissertation. Any concerns about the academic standing of the applicant will result in the applicant not being selected.
  • Good citizenship: works well and respectfully with others—professors, colleagues, coordination team, the director of Spanish-lower courses, and other departmental administrative personnel. If the applicant does not show that he/she can work well with others, the applicant will not be selected. Good citizenship also means participating in the life of the department in the form of attendance at lectures, symposia, conferences and workshops.
  • Complete the form in a professional manner: complete sentences (no run-on sentences), providing clear statements and reasons for being on the Seville campus.

If the Spanish and Portuguese Faculty believes that the applicant fails to complete one or more of the aforementioned requirements, the applicant will not be selected. You will have two times to apply during the academic year: (a) the September application is for the following Summer and Fall, and (b) the January application is for the following Spring semester.


How to Apply?

Interested candidates can download the application form(s) below and email the completed application(s) before September 10 or January 20 to Dr. Idoia Elola, Academic Director of Spanish in the TTU Center.

Download Seville Teaching Application: Spring | Summer/Fall

Instructors talk about their teaching in Seville experience


Zach Brandner

“I learned from my own experiences as a student and instructor in study abroad programs that through forming rewarding personal relationships abroad, we greatly widen our networks for possible personal and professional opportunities abroad in the future.”

Gilberto Garcia

“This can help you to understand culture perspectives and create new visions of how the world is built and seen. This whole experience can be challenging, entertaining and mind opening as well as a good asset to your career.”



Maya Edwards

“Teaching in Sevilla was an amazing experience! Class sizes are small, and you work intensively with a group of students, so you really get to know your students as people and are able see how quickly they are able to apply skills they are learning in the real world.”

Dora Aranda

“Being an instructor at the TTU Center in Sevilla was definitely a valuable life experience, I loved it so much I went twice! When I arrived in Sevilla and saw the centuries old architecture, I was taken aback with the city's beauty and as I became familiar with the culture, I was enchanted by all the nice friendly people, wonderful weather, and cuisine.”



Geman Vela

“As an instructor at the TTU Center in Sevilla I had the privilege to witness students' linguistic progress as well as their personal growth. For me it was interesting to learn how to teach in a setting different from the campus in Lubbock because Sevilla is the perfect place to immerse in Spanish language and culture due to its rich history and local experiences. Sevilla is also an international city that offers a lot of opportunities to meet people all over the world and travel within Europe.”

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