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Jacqueline Kolosov

Jacqueline Kolosov is an interdisciplinary writer and practicing artist/teacher with degrees from University of Chicago (BA, MA) and New York University (PhD). Her publications include 3 full-length poetry collections, among them Memory of Blue (Salmon 2014) and Modigliani's Muse, a multi-voiced biography-in-poems with a grounding in ekphrasis (WordTech 2008). In 2008, the NEA awarded her a Literature Fellowship in Prose. 6 essays have been Notables in Best American Essays. The lyric essay collection, “Motherhood, and the Places Between,” won the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award (2015). Essays, stories, and hybrid pieces have appeared in venues such as Shenandoah, Terrain.org, The Southern Review, Cimarron Review, and Bellevue Literary Review. She has published 5 YA & cross-genre novels, among them The Red Queen's Daughter (Hyperion 2007). She is the co-editor of 3 contemporary anthologies, most recently Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Investigation of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres, Winner of Foreword's IndieFab Award (Rose Metal 2015). In 2018, she directed The CH Foundation's Arts for Healing Workshops & Programming and has ongoing work in Art in Community Health and Narrative Medicine. Kolosov possesses an abiding belief is the power of the arts to transform the individual and the collective. She takes as her own, Cecil Beaton's statement, “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision...” alongside Martin Buber's “The world is not comprehensible, but it is embraceable: through the embracing of one of its beings” (I & Thou).

Ph.D. New York University


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Creative Activity

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Literature Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts, 2008

Humanities Initiative, Texas Tech University, 2007

Humanities Initiative, Texas Tech University, 2006

The Red Queen's Daughter, Texas State Reading Association Honor Book, 2008

First Prize Winner, White Eagle Coffee House Press Chapbook Award for Quickening, 2007

First Prize Winner, Winnow Press Chapbook Award for Souvenir, Modigliani, 2004


Creative Writing

Email: jacqueline.kolosov@ttu.edu