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Donald Lavigne

Associate Professor, Classics



Donald E. Lavigne is especially interested in the oral/poetic landscape of Archaic Greece and its influence on the Hellenistic poets. He has been focused on the seamier side of the Classical World in his research on the iambic tradition in Greece and Rome and in his exploration of epigram. He is currently at work on a book, based on his thesis, that examines the persona of iambic poems as the defining feature of the genre. His second large project concerns ancient epigram and will explore the poetic strategies employed in the overtly fictional and divisible epigrammatic poetics. Prof. Lavigne is currently writing papers on Archilochus, Martial and Dioscourides and has published on the new Posidippus roll (with Allen Romano). Since December 2007, he has been the Book Review Associate Editor of The American Journal of Philology.


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