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Intertexts was founded by David H. J. Larmour and Paul Allen Miller (formerly a Professor of Classics at TTU) as a journal of comparative literature and theoretical reflection, which explores the relations between texts (literary, historical, theoretical, philosophical and social) and encourages the use of theoretical perspectives to analyze texts other than those to which they are generally applied. In this way, the journal provides new readings of familiar texts and examines the virtues and limitations of contemporary literary theory. The journal is available through Project Muse and other online resources. One themed issue and one open issue are published annually. Previous themed issues include:

12.2: The Geographies of Genre
12.1: Lost and Found: Essays on Nabokov's Novels
10.2: Landscapes of Desire: Conversations on Brokeback Mountain
9.1: Literature and Science: The Next Generation
5.2: Woman in the Eighteenth Century

The journal is currently edited by Prof. Jacob Blevins at Sam Houston State University. Professor Larmour is currently the book review editor.

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