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The Classics Archaeology Program


The archaeology program is designed to introduce students to the materials, methods, practices, and theories of those archaeologies related to the Mediterranean World.

How has archaeology contributed to our understanding of the past and its relations to contemporary societies?

What is the role of archaeology in answering questions that are fundamental to the understanding of the human condition?

How does archaeology help to (re)construct Greco-Roman cultures and societies?

Its courses, both undergraduate and graduate, cast a wide net over the ancient world, exploring the wonders of Egypt, Greece, the Near East, Rome, and beyond. They open unique angles on the remains and material culture of the Mediterranean World, from the monumental to the mundane—the cities, citadels and sanctuaries of Rome, Mycenae, Olympia; exemplary art and sculpture, everyday locales and materials of the Greeks and Romans; the everyday architectures and practices of ancient households; relationships between people, animals and the Mediterranean landscape over the very long term. From Troy to Carthage to Corinth, and from Marseille to Alexandria to Constantinople, students learn through fascinating examples to critically and creatively engage the material record of the Ancient World and to recognize how pasts have been enrolled in the formation and maintenance of contemporary communities and nation states in Europe and North America.

The archaeology program faculty believe in the powers of fieldwork with opportunities available in Italy, Greece and beyond.

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For more information about our Archaeology offerings, contact Dr. Christopher Witmore, Professor in Archaeology and Classics. 

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