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Ancient Greek has one of the richest histories of any European language, going back over 3,000 years. Ancient Greek was the language of Homer, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the New Testament, and the original Olympic Games, as well of many of those who fought the Trojan War, resisted the Persian empire, and who - not least under Alexander the Great - conquered empires of their own. It also influenced many other languages, including English and Modern Greek. Ancient Greek was the language of the half of the Roman Empire that survived in the East after Rome herself fell. Its heirs include the Byzantine Empire, Eastern Church and many important scientists, scholars, and theologians. The revival of Ancient Greek learning in Italy contributed mightily to the start of the Renaissance. By learning Ancient Greek, you will be able to read the works of millennia of influential thinkers in the original, gain mastery of English syntax and grammar, develop your critical reading and textual analysis skills, increase your knowledge of the many Ancient Greek roots of English words, familiarize yourself with key terminology in the legal and medical professions, and learn other European languages with greater ease. Ancient Greek students go on to excel in a range of occupations and vocations, including medicine and law, education, publishing, politics and public policy, business, and religion. The Classics Program offers a Minor specializing in Ancient Greek, Courses that satisfy the Foreign Language Requirement through Ancient Greek, and opportunities to focus on Ancient Greek within both the Classics Major and the MA Program.

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Ancient Greek Language Courses can be used to satisfy TTU Foreign Language Requirements.

Ancient Greek Civilization Courses are taught in English translation and many fulfill College and University Graduation Requirements.

These courses also can prepare you for exotic and exciting study-abroad opportunities.

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Ancient Greek Language Courses

  • GRK 1301, 1302 A Beginning Course in Greek I, II
  • GRK 2301, 2301, A Second Course in Greek I, II
  • GRK 4300 Individual Problems in Greek
  • GRK 5330 Greek Prose
  • GRK 5340 Greek Poetry
  • GRK 7000 Research

Ancient Greek Culture and Civilization Courses (in translation)

Classics also offers courses about the Ancient Greeks and their world in English translation. These include:

  • CLAS 1310 Latin and Greek Terminology
  • CLAS 3302 Classical Mythology
  • CLAS 3303 Sports and Public Spectacles in the Ancient World
  • CLAS 3304 Ancient Technology
  • CLAS 3320 World of Greece
  • CLAS 3340 Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World
  • CLAS 3350 Comparative Mythology
  • CLAS 4300 Research in Classics (writing intensive, may be repeated for credit)
  • CLAS 4310 Seminar in Classics (writing intensive, may be repeated for credit)

For more information about the Ancient Greek Program, please contact the Classics Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Darrel Janzen.

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