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Career Development and Recent Graduates

2019 MA grads and profs

Career Development is a very important component of the MA Program in Classics. It equips students to pursue their career of choice, whether in academia or beyond. Our graduates have an oustanding placement rate.

Through the MA in Classics, students learn to think about the past and to think with it. In the process, they gain an invaluable breadth and depth of knowledge about the ancient world. They develop the tools for applying it to their research, teaching, and activities as socially and culturally engaged intellectuals in the modern world. Students also further a range of essential skills and abilities that are highly valued both in and outside of the academy. These range from the critical analysis of texts and cultural production (written and material) in their historical contexts to communication literacy. Accomplished faculty work closely with students in all areas and are committed to their success. Faculty and student-run Workshops and The University Career Center advance students' career development and assist with applications for further study and job placement. Students also benefit from Careers for Classicists: Graduate Student Edition. This recent publication by the Society for Classical Studies "provides updated, modernized, and detailed advice for graduate students seeking jobs both inside and outside the classroom.

Here at Texas Tech we are proud of the success of our M.A. students. Our alumni have gone on to become professors of Classics, Classical Archaeology, Comparative Literature, and Philosophy, public and private school teachers, special collections librarians, museum curators, lawyers, business executives, civil servants, administrators, IT specialists, and ministers. In recent years, they have gone on to:

department MA placement pie chart

PhD Placements

PhD Placement Pie Chart

39% to PhD Programs
- 53% : Classics PhD Programs, 35% : Classical Archaeology PhD Programs, 12%: Comparative Literature PhD Programs

Recent Placements Include: Brown, Columbia, University of Georgia, Harvard, Princeton, St. Andrews, University of Missouri - Columbia, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, and University of Washington.

Subsequent MA Placements

Other MA Placement Pie Chart

11% to A Subsequent MA Program
- 40%: Classical Archaeology MA Programs, 20%: Comparative Literature MA Programs, 20%: Library Science MA Programs, 20%: Museum Science MA Programs

Recent Placements Include: Baylor University, University of Edinburgh, University of Leicester, University of New Mexico and University of Oklahoma.

Teaching (K-12) Placements

Primary/Secondary/ESL Teaching Placement Pie Chart

32% to Teaching
- 43%: Latin teaching, 50%: general teaching, 7% : ESL teaching overseas

Recent Placements Include: Public Schools in Texas and across the country, Mount de Sales Academy (GA), Norfolk Academy (VA) and St Luke's Episcopal School (AL)

*Statistics include primary and secondary teaching at public and private schools.

Non-Academic Professions Placements

non-academic placement pie chart

18% to Non-Academic professions
- of those: 13% go on to Law School, 25% go into administration, 25% go into the civil service, and 37% into other careers

Recent Placements Include: Harvard Law School, US Chamber of Commerce, the Peace Corps, Administration and IT (Texas A&M)

*A number of our students have spent some years in Publishing before going on to further study and academic careers.

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