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Marjean Purinton

Author of Romantic Ideology Unmasked: The Mentally Constructed Tyrannies in Dramas of William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Joanna Baillie, and the forthcoming Staging Grotesques and Ghosts: British Romantic Techno-gothic Drama, as well as articles on Romantic drama, early 19th-century women writers, feminist theory and pedagogy.  A member of the Teaching Academy and a recipient of a President's Excellence in Teaching Award, she teaches in the Women's Studies Program and is the Teaching Section Editor for the online project British Women Playwrights Around 1800.  She is past President of the International Conference on Romanticism.

Ph.D. Texas A&M


Romantic Ideology Unmasked: The Mentally Constructed Tyrannies in Dramas of William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Joanna Baillie. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1994.

Articles and Essays

“Ethics and Electricity: Mary Shelley.”  Keynote Address for the Western Heritage Museum Exhibit Discover Steampunk.  Hobbs, NM, February 2022. This presentation is  available on YouTube. 

“The British Reception of Frankenstein (1818) and the Culture of Early Nineteenth-Century  Science.”  Mary Shelley and Europe.  Ed Antonella Braida.  Cambridge: Legenda:  Studies in Comparative Literature, 2020. 105-117. 

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Book Reviews

Review of Borderlines: The Shiftings of Gender in British Romanticism by Susan J. Wolfson. European Romantic Review, forthcoming.

Review of Contemporary Gothic by Catherine Spooner. South Central Review, forthcoming.

Review of Symbolic Interactions: Social Problems and Literary Interventions in the Works of Baillie, Scott, and Landor by Regina Hewitt. European Romantic Review, 18.4 (October 2007): 561-565.

Review of Gothic Masculinity: Effeminacy and the Supernatural in English and German Romanticism by Ellen Brinks. Studies in Romanticism 44.4 (Winter 2005): 654-57.

Review of The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama edited by Jeffrey N. Cox and Michael Gamer. Gothic Studies, forthcoming.

Review of Lessons of the Masters by George Steiner. Intertexts, forthcoming.

Review of Jane Austen and the Theatre by Paula Byrne and Jane Austen and the Theatre by Penny Gay. Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film 3.1 (Summer 2004): 305-309.

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Review of Rethinking Blake's Textuality by Molly Anne Rothenberg. Southern Humanities Review 29.4 (1995): 389-92.

Review of Virtual Theater: From Diderot to Mallarmé by Evlyn Gould. Theatre Journal 42.4 (Dec. 1990): 518-19.

Under Review

“Subtle Discriminations Against Women in Academic Settings: What Faculty Exit Interviews over the Last Decade Reveal about Retention at Texas Tech University.” At Women in Higher Education.


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“The State of Scholarship on Romantic Gothic Drama.”For The Literary Compass.

“Elizabeth Inchbald and Sara Pogson: Transatlantic Representation of the French Revolution and the Body-Politic.” [With Christina Ashby-Martin]


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