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Miglena Sternadori

Associate Professor
Journalism & Creative Media Industries

Email: miglena.sternadori@ttu.edu

Phone: +1.806.834.8496

Research: Gender and media, Magazine studies, Media effects, Political, Entertainment, Intercultural & international, Feminist Media Studies



Ph.D. University of Missouri, 2008
M.A. University of Missouri, 2005

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Miglena Sternadori


I entered journalism as a college junior majoring in international economic relations in 1995, a few years after the fall of Communism in my native Bulgaria. After working for several news organizations, covering the controversial Bulgarian privatization and the country's transition to market economy, I arrived at the Missouri School of Journalism in 2000 on a professional development program for East European journalists.

In between graduate school stints, I worked as a reporter for the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune and associate editor at the Missouri State Teachers Association. I have also served as a library assistant for Investigative Reporters and Editors, conducted surveys for the Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri, and interned at the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C.

My publications include one book as well as articles appearing in Feminist Media Studies, Journal of Media Psychology, Women's Studies in Communication, Newspaper Research Journal, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Atlantic Journal of Communication, Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Media Report to Women, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Journal of Media Education. I have authored or co-authored more than 40 conference papers and presentations.


My research interests are eclectic. I was trained in experimental methods (including statistical analysis and experimental software, such as MediaLab and DirectRT), and continue to be interested in the processing of media content. 

However, I have also developed new research lines in media, gender, and sexuality, which were at the center of my first book, Mediated Eros: Sexual Scripts Between and Across Cultures (Peter Lang, 2015). My research focuses primarily on frames and stereotypes in media content and the interaction between implicit biases and the processing of mediated content. I augment existing scholarship by taking insights from cognitive psychology and critical/cultural studies and applying them to mass communication research.

The use of these different theoretical frameworks reflects my interest in bridging the academic gap between quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Further, my research lines are united by the goal of understanding how news routines shape media content and how audiences interpret it. I am particularly interested in stereotypes, both as cultural narratives and as cognitive shortcuts. The long-term goal of my research agenda is to find a way to reconcile these two perspectives.


  • Thematic Analysis
  • Experiment
  • Discourse/Conversation Analysis
  • Framing Analysis

Research Areas

  • Gender and media
  • Magazine studies
  • Media effects
  • Political communication
  • Entertainment
  • Intercultural & international communication
  • Feminist Media Studies

Selected Publications

Selected articles (please see CV for full list):


  • Sternadori, M. & Holmes, T. (Eds.) (2020). Handbook of magazine studies (550 pages, 36 chapters). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN-13: 978-1119168096.

  • Sternadori, M. & Abitbol, A. (2019). Support for women's rights and feminist self-identification as antecedents of attitude toward femvertising. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36(6), 740-750. doi:10.1108/JCM-05-2018-2661

  • Blumell, L., Huemmer, J., & Sternadori, M. (2019). Protecting the ladies: Benevolent sexism, heteronormativity, and partisanship in online discussions of gender-neutral bathrooms. Mass Communication & Society, 22(3), 365-388. doi:10.1080/15205436.2018.1547833

  • Sternadori, M. (2014). The witch and the warrior: Archetypal and framing analyses of the news coverage of two mass shootings. I, 14(2), 301-317. doi:10.1080/14680777.2012.739571


  • Sternadori, M. (2015). Mediated eros: Sexual scripts within and across cultures. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing. 

  • Sternadori, M. (2014). The witch and the warrior: Archetypal and framing analyses of the news coverage of two mass shootings. Feminist Media Studies, 14(2), 301-317. doi:10.1080/14680777.2012.739571 Version of record first published: November 27, 2012

  • Sternadori, M. & Wise, K. (2010). Men and women read news differently: Effects of story structure on cognitive processing of text. Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods, and Applications, 22(1), 14-24.

Teaching Focus

Since 2008, I have developed a diverse teaching portfolio, which includes skills courses (Basic Newswriting; Reporting; News Editing; Advanced Reporting; Feature Writing; Magazine Writing; Multiplatform News Delivery); upper-level theory courses (Global Journalism; International Media; Your Brain on Media; Gender and Media; Theories of Mass Communication); and graduate courses (Research Methods; Media Ethics; and Propaganda and Public Opinion). I also taught an introductory/ interdisciplinary course in women's and gender studies at my previous institution.

My teaching philosophy is constructivist in nature; I see knowledge as resulting from the interaction between new information and students' already existing knowledge structures. This approach places relatively little emphasis on immediate, short-term memorization; rather, the emphasis is on the long-term development of skills and integration of new perspectives within students' existing cognitive schemas.

  • Global Journalism (JOUR 3370)
  • Multiplatform News Delivery (JOUR 4350)
  • Richard and Sharon Cutler Faculty Award in Liberal Arts (2011)

Leadership & Awards

  • Richard and Sharon Cutler Faculty Award in Liberal Arts (2011)
  • Past Chair, Magazine Media Division, AEJMC
  • Book Review Editor, Journal of Magazine Media