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Our facilities are made up of several small computer labs and other specialized systems, in which our students are instructed using the latest hardware and software. The smaller lab format allows for greater teacher-student interaction; this helps our students to master the skills and techniques they need to be competitive in the job market. To keep up with the rapid advances in technology, the College of Media & Communication's laboratory hardware and software are updated on a yearly basis. This ensures that our graduating students are proficient with the latest industry standards as they head into the workplace.

Software available to students in the computer labs include: Final Draft, PSAW (SPSS), Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Production Premium, Microsoft Office, Final Cut, Autodesk animation suite, Apple Aperture and much more.

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3rd Floor Computer Labs | Rooms 361, 363 & 365

Room 365 Donated by Wayne Sellers

The 3rd floor will serve as the media production and technical instruction hub of the new building. Along with the News Central Lab, radio station complex and TV studio, the 3rd floor also features three other computer labs – one of which can hold up to 60 students. Each lab will feature high-end Mac and PC computers with software ranging from Apple's Final Cut software; to the Adobe Design and Production Premium suites; to Final Draft script writing software. At least one lab will also serve as an open lab where students can work with the various software titles outside of their regular class times. Each lab includes newly purchased display technology and lecterns for instructional purposes. This includes high-resolution projectors, a computer system, Blu-Ray player, in-room audio system, and a built-in touch-panel on the lecterns for access to all display technology.

Dr. Billy I. Ross Lecture Hall | Room 353

Classroom 353

The 3rd floor features two large, 100+ seat, tiered classrooms. Dr. Billy I. Ross Lecture Hall has been outfitted for use as an additional radio broadcast facility. The room features 6 high-quality ceiling mounted "choir mics" which allow for the capture of in-room interaction. The lectern in the room also has an audio interface plate with inputs for 4 XLR microphones to be used on the floor of facility. The rear of the room features a glassed in booth where the audio production equipment (sound board, wireless mic receivers, etc.) is located so that a student can operate the equipment for recording or live radio broadcast. This facility can be used for "town hall"-like usage, and is the home of the Texas Tech Student Government Association meetings held throughout the year.

Equipment Checkout Office | Room 373

Equipment Checkout Office

The 3rd floor of the building also features the Equipment Checkout Office where students have access to audio, video, and photo equipment for their various production projects. This equipment includes HD video cameras, digital audio recorders, and a variety of DSLRs (including the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 7D). Auxiliary equipment offered includes light kits, various types of microphones, photo and video tripods, etc.

Research Complex | Rooms 052, 054, 056, 058 & 061

Focus Group

The basement of our building houses an expanded area for use by graduate students and faculty conducting research. The facility includes a computer lab for experiments that doubles as a call center, a focus group facility, psychophysiology lab, eye-tracking lab, and an additional classroom for other group-based studies. The focus group facility comes equipped with an interview room with ceiling mounted microphones, a remote controlled camera system featuring three cameras, and a control room behind a one-way glass panel where the interviewees can be observed and the audio-visual equipment is operated. The psychophysiology lab features a computer operated system that allows for the monitoring of a participants vital signs and physical reactions when exposed to stimulus, and the eye-tracking lab allows for the monitoring of the movement of a participants eyes when subjected to visual stimulus such as a computer or TV screen. The experimental computer lab and additional classroom allow for group studies using computerized stimulus as well as in room LCD monitors which will have access to cable TV. All of the research facilities feature connectivity throughout the complex to allow for remote operation of research equipment, and remote audio/video monitoring of the participants in the various facilities. The facility also features a number of offices and reception areas.


KTXT-FM The Raider 88.1 FMKTXT-FM The Raider 88.1 FM

News Central Lab | Room 375

News Central Lab

Donated by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

This will be the primary production lab for the Journalism & Creative Media Department. Using the concept of convergence, students will use high-performance Apple Macintosh computers to produce content for TV, radio, print, and web usage. The lab features Apple's Final Cut software, as well as the Adobe Design and Production Premium software suites. The facility also includes 4 audio booths located in the back of the room so that students producing TV news stories, radio content, or audio/visual content for the web can record voice-overs for their projects. Each of the booths will be equipped with high-quality audio equipment for recording, and special sound proofing to allow for studio-quality production. A portion of the lab also includes a ceiling-mounted lighting grid for the inclusion of lighting elements to allow for "live shots" between News Central and the TV studio. As mentioned before, the area will also have connectivity to the radio studios for "live" reports on KTXT-FM.

Photo Studio | Room 077

Photo Studio

The photo studio is painted half black and half white with a curtain in the middle to separate the two. The walls have a cyclical base to allow for a smooth background. The lighting grid allows for storage and other lighting uses.

Presentation Room | Room 154

Presentation Room

The 1st floor of the building will include a new concept for the college, a dedicated Presentation Room. This facility will have ceiling mounted microphones, a remote controlled, robotic video camera, and audio and video recording equipment. The room also features the standard display technology (mentioned above in the description for the 3rd Floor Computer labs). Students, staff and faculty will have the ability to make presentations in this room to be recorded for future viewing or distribution.

Radio Station Complex | Room 377

KTXT-FM The Raider 88.1 FM

KTXT-FM: The Raider 88.1 FM, housed in CoMC Room 377, is Texas Tech's student-run radio station, providing the university community with diverse programming, including BBC World Service, Texas Tech news and information, live play-by-play broadcasts of Texas Tech sports, alternative music, and a variety of student-produced radio programs. Read more and listen live at ktxtfm.org

The radio station complex features five studios. Two of the studios have glass windows facing into the adjacent hallway so that passersby can see the inner-workings of the radio station. The production rooms feature high quality audio equipment for recording, and special sound proofing to allow for studio quality production. The area is also wired for cable TV to monitor local and cable news stations, and there is interconnectivity between the complex and other areas of the building such as the News Central lab and the TV studio, allowing for “live” reports.

Think Tank | Room 269A

Think Tank

Located in Room 269A, the Think Tank is a collaborative lab space under the Department of Advertising dedicated to inspiring deeper creative thinking in the students of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University.

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TV Studio | Room 355

TV Studio

Donated by Cathy and David Swofford

The MCTV Television Studio, room 355, offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the production studio and control room. A control room with glass windows looks into the studio area, which features an overhead lighting grid, production equipment, a green wall (to allow for the use of virtual sets) and a hard set featuring a large news desk to be used with virtual backgrounds. All productions in the studio are full HD. Half of the studio features a Chroma Key green wall to allow for the use of virtual sets. The studio also has a storage room as well as extra area for future expansion (e.g. auxiliary sets). View episodes of the MCTV Newscast on the Hub@TTU website.