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Located in Room 269A, the Think Tank is a collaborative lab space under the Department of Advertising dedicated to inspiring deeper creative thinking in the students of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University.


The Think Tank is a space built for collaboration – for students to work on group projects and for collisions between students in different classes and majors to share ideas on individual projects.


This is a space where students can feel free to compare and critique ideas and challenge themselves to create something completely new.


The purpose of the Think Tank is to enhance the level of creative thinking in our students to help guide them to bigger, better, and deeper ideas.

Schedule Time

Think Tank Reservations are available for faculty members and student groups.
Please contact Meredith Rodriguez at mererodr@ttu.edu with additional questions.

Use Calendly below to schedule a time.

NOTE: This is not a computer lab. You may bring your own laptop into the lab,
but this is not a space to sit alone on a computer to study or do homework.


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