Texas Tech University

Dean's Student Ambassadors

2017-2018 Dean's Student Ambassadors

Leah Doherty

"CoMC has allowed me to become involved on campus and learn skills that will make me a well-versed job candidate in the future." – Leah Doherty, Journalism

Katie Main

“I love CoMC because I am encouraged and enabled to pursue what I am passionate about.” – Katie Main, Journalism & Electronic Media and Communications Dual Major

Lauren Kriss

"CoMC has a ‘let's make it happen' approach to helping students accomplish their goals. All the faculty and staff are willing to adapt and grow to meet student needs. There is nothing that a student can't do in our college." – Lauren Kriss, Public Relations

Casey Buscher

"Choosing CoMC has completely changed my life. This college has inspired me to dream incredible dreams and not stop until I get there." – Casey Buscher, Electronic Media and Communications

Hunter Johnston

 "CoMC has made transitioning to a new state for college such a seamless transition. It has allowed me to not only learn about the subject matter but also has helped me grow as a person." – Hunter Johnston, Public Relations

Samantha Herrera

"CoMC will forever be my life saver because it doesn't just teach me the curriculum. It also pushes me to pursue the dreams I have and get hands-on experience before going out to the workforce." – Samantha Herrera, Advertising

Camryn Mayer

"CoMC is the perfect mix of not only challenging you to set big goals and work hard for them yourself, but everyone in the college is working just as hard to help you accomplish those goals. I have the confidence I need to leave Texas Tech knowing I'm prepared for anything." – Camryn Mayer, Public Relations

Brianna Maldonado

“CoMC has shaped me into something I never expected. This college has helped me grow as a student and the person I want to become. It continues to push me to reach my full potential.” – Brianna Maldonado, Journalism

Rebecca Chapman

“CoMC is my door to the future because it prepares me for a career(s) in nearly every field and offers job security unparalleled by any other college. It also equips me with skills I can use to improve my everyday life now, and that will remain relevant for decades to come.” – Rebecca Chapman, Communication Studies

Mattea Luckstead

“CoMC cares about me and my success.” – Mattea Luckstead, Communication Studies

Meredith Moore

“CoMC is so much more than a school. The students and the professors are such a close community. We become a family where we know we are supported and then driven to succeed in whatever we set our minds to.” – Meredith Moore, Communication Studies

Alex Oscarson

“I have spent two years at Texas Tech University, and I could not be more thankful I made the decision to come here, and more specifically, to choose a major that put me in the College of Media & Communication. I'm from St. Louis, Missouri, and even though I am 13 hours away in Lubbock, CoMC makes me feel at home. I know that as a PR major, most of my classes are in this building, and as I have spent more and more time here, I have developed wonderful relationships with my professors. In my classes, I feel valued and known, and the education I receive is challenging, rewarding, and personal. I am confident that choosing CoMC will help me excel both as an individual and in my future career!” – Alex Oscarson, Public Relations

Yvette Munoz

“The College of Media & Communication is so much more than just a building where you go to take classes. We are a family, and every single person you encounter is willing to help and is always there for guidance. I could not be happier with my education, and I know I will be prepared to tackle anything in my future career thanks to what I've gained as a student here!” – Yvette Munoz, Media Strategies

Martin Ibarra

"CoMC is amazing because it's a community where anyone can fit in, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed." – Martin Ibarra, Communication Studies

Avery Aiken

“Being a part of CoMC is being a part of a huge family. The guidance, inspiration and encouragement I get from everyone in this college is far more than I could have ever even hoped for. Every single day I am thankful I get to walk our halls.” – Avery Aiken, Communication Studies

Amanda Robins

“CoMC has opened up so much opportunity for me while spending my time at Texas Tech. All the friends and faculty I have met in this college have benefited me and helped me become successful in my studies. I would never want to be anywhere else.” – Amanda Robins, Advertising

Shanae Swack

“The College of Media & Communication has given me so many useful connections and relationships that will forever be valued. The professors truly treasure your presence and participation in the classroom, which will help me excel as an individual and in my future careers. The unique personalities among the college allow you to explore different avenues of your education.” – Shanae Swack, Public Relations

John Patterson

"The College of Media & Communication has become my second home! It has given me the tools I'll need to be successful in all aspects of life, as well as opportunities I never could have imagined." – John Patterson, Communication Studies

Ashley Buentello

“Coming in to Texas Tech I had no idea what to expect. Sitting in my first college class was exciting and terrifying all at once. With the help of both the amazing CoMC professors and students, I fell in love with the university and the people in it. I could not imagine myself anywhere else." – Ashley Buentello, Communication Studies

Emily Tann

“The College of Media & Communication has given me so many opportunities and chances to grow in my field of study and who I am as a person. The faculty genuinely cares about the success of their students and always provides opportunities for each student to grow in his or her life. It's not just another building on campus; it's like walking into your home!" – Emily Tann, Advertising

Sarah Hamilton

“My love for the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech is a direct result of the compassionate care of its dedicated professors and advisers. Participation in this college has gifted me with friends, fun, engaging extra-curricular organizations, and many networking connections. The CoMC advising staff helped me discover a career path in Public Relations perfectly suited for my interests—I don't know where I would be without them. I can't thank this college enough for the ‘home away from home' that it has given me here in Lubbock.” – Sarah Hamilton, Public Relations

Megan Hogan

“CoMC has not only given me many opportunities to succeed, but also is giving me a family. It's a place where professors, staff and students strive to help each other succeed. I am very grateful to be a part of great college that equipped me to succeed in the world.” – Megan Hogan, Communication Studies

Madison Alanis

“When I started at Texas Tech, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do when I "grow up." I just knew I loved working with people, so I started in the College of Media & Communication. I quickly found this to be the best decision I could have made. When I started college, I planned on majoring in public relations. However, I realized that wasn't for me. After just one semester I immediately felt at home as a communication studies major. Soon after I decided to add adverting and American sign language as my minors. Now that I have set my degree my goal is to be an account coordinator for an advertising firm.” – Madison Alanis, Communication Studies & Advertising Dual Major

Lauren Stowers

"The College of Media & Communication has shown me my full potential. I have discovered my true passion and with the help of my outstanding professors and advisors my dreams have been made possible." - Lauren Stowers, Public Relations