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The College of Media & Communication encourages all students to take advantage of the myriad opportunities to study abroad. From here, it's possible…to see the world!

The Texas Tech University Study Abroad Office coordinates programs in more than 70 countries. For more information, please visit the TTU Study Abroad website.

All currently enrolled TTU students can apply for the Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship (SACS), which is funded by Texas Tech's International Education fee. 

College of Media & Communication students are encouraged to participate in one of our study abroad programs to earn academic credit and while building their professional portfolios.

Programs led by Media & Communication Faculty

Professional Communication in Greece

The College of Media & Communication is offering one class in a unique study abroad experience, Summer 2, in Athens, Greece. Greece is an enchanting country with a rich culture, spectacular landscapes, phenomenal cuisine, and fabled art and architecture.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn elective college credits in this beautiful location. You can earn 3.0 credit hours and the course will last two weeks. This program will combine classroom learning, company visits, various cultural activities, and excursions to give students a deeper understanding of Greece and world. If you've ever considered studying abroad, this opportunity is for you!

Throughout PCOM 4301 in Greece, you'll have the unique opportunity to learn hands-on and engage with professionals in captivating destinations. From the bustling streets of Athens to the serene islands of Hydra and Aegina, you'll be immersed in rich cultural experiences that will enhance your understanding of the Professional Communications field.

Global Public Relations

This study abroad course is designed to provide real-world international communication experience. Students will work as consultants with international clients, agencies and businesses to provide strategic communication insights. This program offers courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. This program changes locations from year-to-year and has visited many exciting locations across the globe, including Netherlands, Belgium, France, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, and Manchester, England.

Media and Communication in London

This study abroad program is London-based and runs from May 12 through May 25, 2024. It provides students 6 hours of credit with a concentration in Strategic Communication and Communication Studies. The program plan includes visits to London-based Journalism and CMI related firms as well as London area cultural and historical attractions.

Media, Tourism and Photography in New Zealand

Interested in film and cinema? How about traveling the world for a living? Ever wanted to become a travel or documentary photographer? Learn about the interplay of popular media and tourism while photographing some of the most scenic countries and unique cultures in the world! Summit mountains, visit famous movie sites, learn about screen tourism, and build your professional portfolio. This program currently rotates between visiting Iceland, New Zealand, and Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Strategic Minerals and Science Communication in South Africa

This study abroad program combines geology, film and photo production, and science journalism, offering students two courses of study for a total of 6 credit hours. These disciplines come together in South Africa in a 4-week program that provides students an integrated experience blending field, classroom, and laboratory learning of strategic minerals that underlie the modern, high-technology world economy. Students learn about the high-stakes business of mining while developing communication strategies to effectively deliver complex scientific information to general audiences. The materials developed by students in this course will be used in marketing campaigns and short documentary films that raise awareness of the global inter-connected science and economics of mineral resources, and the environmental and human impact of the extraction of those resources, and will advocate for the positive outcomes and societal benefits of international engagement.

TTU COMC in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

Our study abroad program offers up to nine hours of credit in the College of Media and Communication across two majors: Communication Studies and Creative Media Industries. Our program will visit Tokyo and Kyoto and will feature visits to Edo Museum, Imperial Park, Akihabara, Shibuya, Kyoto River Walk, Sagano Bamboo Forest, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Partner Programs & Universities

In addition to the faculty-led study abroad programs offered by the College of Media & Communication, students have the option to study at the Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla. The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla offers students the opportunity to take catalog Texas Tech classes taught by Texas Tech faculty. The Center hosts permanent staff and faculty members who travel from Lubbock to Sevilla every semester (fall, spring and summer).

Texas Tech students may also study at partner institutions in two different ways: with a provider-partner program, or an exchange-partner program. Students interested in studying abroad at a partner institution should reach out to the TTU Study Abroad advising team for more information.